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Seamless Real Estate With Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Real time alerts from real time data.


This project focuses on developing a cutting-edge technology platform for an international real estate franchise. The aim was to create a user-preferred platform that enhances the efficiency and profitability of agents.

To achieve this, the client needed to find machine learning consultants. Our Accelerance partner will employ continuous innovation, data integration, and machine learning capabilities.

The machine learning services include data engineering and analysis, artificial intelligence, innovations and experience design, development and maintenance, app modernization, and quality assurance.


To solve problems, it's important to make decisions quickly using data from different sources and systems.

Furthermore, ensuring a seamless experience for agents, irrespective of the platform they use, is of paramount importance.

Migrating risks for agents involves thoroughly identifying any potential red flags related to prospective buyers and properties.


To make sure our partner's team successfully implemented a complete machine learning solution, they took a careful approach.

They began by establishing a robust data framework. They meticulously searched for data relevant to various domains. They also recommended incorporating a wider range of high-quality data sources.

They gathered information from numerous local real estate agencies. They then utilized this data to effortlessly expand into new locations. This expansion was made possible through their backend API integration.

They used Google Cloud functions to analyze data changes. This analysis included volume and impact. The purpose was to determine if real-time data replication is necessary for the destination data store.

They began organizing data whenever they discovered new and unexplored data sets. They made sure to understand the changing real estate market.

Driven by their commitment to data standardization and harmonization, they expertly designed continuous data integration pipelines.

These pipelines seamlessly amalgamated disparate data sources, uniting them under a single unified repository, thereby guaranteeing a cohesive understanding and facilitating tailored client pitches.

Through the implementation of this sophisticated data fabric, our partner successfully eliminated labor-intensive manual data integration processes. Furthermore, their solution resulted in expedited data integration design and delivery, empowering your organization to achieve superior outcomes.


Real-time Pricing: Incorporating real-time alerts to identify properties in the neighborhood with lower prices. This ensures a seamless agent experience by facilitating the smooth flow of information across multiple platforms and systems. With the creation of data fabric, agents and brokers benefit from real-time updates.

This method reduces risk by providing instant access to data. It also helps to identify warning signs for individuals interested in purchasing or renting property.