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Skills Management: Empowering Assessment Anywhere, Anytime

Creating the framework of mobile development.


The customer is a prominent skills management company that provides a comprehensive and fully customizable assessment and work competency experience through a SaaS web system.

This innovative solution enables their clients to effectively manage and assess individual employees' skills and competencies across various tasks and responsibilities.

With the client’s SaaS web system, they can tailor the assessment process to their specific needs, ensuring accurate and efficient evaluation of their workforce's capabilities. This powerful tool empowers organizations to optimize talent management, improve performance, and drive overall productivity.


The service originally catered to web users and requires an internet connection for assessments, creating, and updating. This presented a challenge for individuals without access to computers or reliable internet connections, especially those in remote areas.

Limited accessibility in remote areas: Users residing in remote areas or areas with limited internet coverage encountered difficulties in submitting their assessments due to the requirement for a constant internet connection. This lack of accessibility hindered their ability to fully engage with our platform.

Addressing the connectivity barrier: Our partner recognized the need to challenge the status quo and propose innovative solutions to ensure inclusivity and accessibility. To address this connectivity barrier, they are revolutionizing the higher education application process by introducing offline capabilities to our platform. This revolutionary feature will empower individuals without consistent internet access to complete their assessments seamlessly, regardless of their location.

Collaboration and partnership for a game-changing solution: Our partner commits to collaboration, working closely with ambitious students, forward-thinking academic institutions, and technology providers to develop a game-changing solution. 


To address the accessibility limitations posed by the original service, the client needed mobile development services. Our partner developed a new mobile application to provide users with full access to various features, even when offline.

The solution used a local database and sync features to let users use the app and update data when online. It also allowed access to important data even without internet connection.

Our partner’s team analyzed the specific requirements and challenges faced by users without consistent internet access and designed the mobile application to meet their unique needs effectively.

The app's offline feature allows users to use the service and complete tests in remote areas without a strong internet connection. In turn, this improved the user experience and reduced frustration while also improving overall efficiency and productivity.


Game-changing adoption and usage: The successful launch of our mobile application on Android and iOS platforms revolutionized the higher education application process.

Ambitious students and forward-thinking academic institutions alike embraced our platform, making it their primary service.

This discovery removed obstacles for big companies in important sectors. These sectors include energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and on-site field services. It enabled them to easily use and take advantage of our application.

Innovative technologies for effectiveness and functionality: Our partner’s development team utilized a variety of technologies and tools to ensure the effectiveness and functionality of our mobile application.

Thanks to mobile development consulting, they chose Ionic as the framework. They provided seamless user experiences on both Android and iOS platforms. By leveraging SQLite as the local database technology, they ensured efficient data storage and retrieval capabilities for the client.

Using Angular, TypeScript, and JavaScript allowed our partner to create a responsive and dynamic app with a great UI and performance.