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Transforming Data Management for Seamless Communication

Incorporating various technologies and tools to enable its functionality.


One of the largest mobile phone network operators in the USA, this company stands at the forefront of the industry, offering unparalleled coverage and service to millions of customers across the country.

Their strong network and dedication to customer satisfaction have made them a leader in telecommunications. They provide smooth communication and push innovation boundaries.

The client sought out our Accelerance partner for web development services.


Data Transfer and Consolidation:

The project required moving lots of data from many data centers across the US in an efficient way.

The goal is to collect all this data in a centralized data center to facilitate its consumption by the product. Finding a reliable, secure, and efficient solution to transfer and consolidate such vast amounts of data is a significant challenge that requires careful planning and implementation.

Data Accessibility and Integration:

The data is moved and combined in the central data center. The next task is to ensure easy access and integration with the product.

This means creating a good plan for organizing and using data so that it can be easily used by the product.

The solution must handle ongoing data updates and synchronization. This is necessary to ensure that the data is available in real-time or near-real-time for the product's functions. Additionally, the solution must be scalable and perform well. It should also be scalable and perform well.

The project aims to solve two main challenges and create a strong and effective data pipeline. This will help the customer use the collected data for their product's operations and decision-making.


The maintenance of the solution encompasses various crucial tasks to ensure its optimal performance and continued effectiveness. This includes ongoing maintenance, performance tuning, and enhancement of the production solution. Other essential activities involve problem resolution, conducting performance investigations, and implementing improvements for better system responsiveness.

To uphold security standards, we regularly carry out operating system security patching and necessary operating system upgrades.

The solution has 24/7 technical support to assist with issues and ensure smooth operation.

Our partner met clients' different needs and complexity levels through various levels of support, such as T1, T2, and T3. This ensures that a comprehensive support system is in place.


They first implemented the solution into production in 2016, and since then, we have continuously developed and customized it.

Over time, they have improved and changed it to meet the customer's needs and work with the existing infrastructure.

With the help of web development consultants, they are always trying to make the solution better so it can handle more data and meet goals.

A team has been helping nonstop since 2016, providing support all year round. This ensures that the customer receives uninterrupted support whenever they require it.

The solution incorporates various technologies and tools to enable its functionality and efficiency. These include Apache Ambari, Apache Zookeeper, Apache Kafka, Grafana, Java, Spring,, and Twilio. These technologies and tools work together to give the customer the ability to effectively manage their operations.