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Transforming IT Education Administration and User Experience with Innovative Platforms

Digital Learning Access


The client is a pioneer in the realm of e-learning IT training and certifications. Their platform is dedicated to delivering top-notch instruction coupled with hands-on labs in Networking, Cyber Security, Cloud, and Data Science.

With a global reach, we collaborate with esteemed clients like Dell, Verizon, Paypal, Intel, IBM, and many others. They strive for excellence and innovation, equipping individuals around the world with the skills they need to succeed in the fast-paced IT industry. 


The client aimed to provide companies with the opportunity for digital learning and access to cutting-edge resources worldwide, enabling them to achieve their training objectives. As a result, they undertook the challenge of incorporating an innovation into their platform.

This innovative addition allows companies to efficiently organize and manage their team members, providing them with comprehensive training and access to real-time performance metrics, all while staying up-to-date with the latest technologies.

However, the existing administration platform faced limitations and technical issues that impeded the effective management of students and clients. Anticipating future growth and technological advancements, an update was imperative to enhance the platform's administration capabilities and incorporate the new features of their innovative platform.

  • Improve their administration platform in two stages:
    • Stage 1: Equalize the current functionalities, correct errors, and enhance the technology.
    • Stage 2: Include improvements that cater to administrator users, benefiting both the client and their staff.
Key Features:
  • User Management:
    • Ability to invite and remove users.
    • User profile management.
    • Capability to change users' licenses, roles, and teams.
  •  Team Management:
    • View teams in a tabular format.
    • Create new teams.
    • Remove existing teams.
    • Add users to specific teams.
    • Access and manage team profiles.
  •  NE Backoffice:
    • Accounts page to oversee all accounts.
    • Account profile management.
    • Ability to create and edit accounts.
    • Capability to change account plans.
    • Add domains to accounts.
    • Account impersonation for administrative purposes.
  •  User Profile:
    • Access individual profile pages.
    • Utilize analytics to gather insights.
    • Account page management.
    • Analytics functionality for data-driven decision making.
  • Our partner enhanced their IT training expertise for cybersecurity and cloud with the introduction of a new client platform.
  • The integration of the new client platform improves the user experience for the client’s customers, providing a seamless learning process.
  • Upgrades to the admin platform achieved functionality parity, reducing technical limitations and errors.
  • Improved technological capabilities of the admin platform enhances the performance and optimizes the learning experience for clients.
  • The improved admin platform technology and seamless client experience catalyzed higher conversion rates, resulting in increased sales.
  • The client’s successful integration of the new client platform and admin platform upgrades solidified their position as a leading provider of cybersecurity and cloud IT training.