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Transforming Mortgage Lending Through Digital Innovation

Adoption of digital technologies.


This client is a prominent U.S. company offering mortgage loans through their innovative 100% digital platform. They felt they needed to hire for AWS consulting services.

Our partner recognized the need to improve their efficiency. Their technology partner transformed their slow, manual processes into a digital, efficient, and agile system.



The existing processes at the company posed significant challenges, including time-consuming manual activities that hindered their efficiency.

Streamlining these processes required the adoption of advanced technologies to improve speed, accuracy, and overall customer experience.


Our partner successfully addressed the challenge by implementing cutting-edge technologies such as AWS, React, and Node.js.

These technologies enabled seamless integration of APIs and eliminated manual processes that previously took days to complete.

The use of these tools and frameworks significantly reduced processing time, improving the efficiency of client’s operations.


The adoption of digital technologies yielded remarkable quantitative results for this client. The transformed process became 10 times more efficient than before, facilitating quicker turnaround times for loan approvals and disbursals.

Additionally, the cost of operations was reduced by 20%, surpassing the industry average. Even better? The client's online platform allowed them to provide home loans in all 50 states, reaching more customers.

The implementation of a serverless infrastructure further enhanced client’s agility and enabled efficient management of peak demand periods. Without our Accelerance partner, this wouldn’t be possible.

They played a pivotal role in establishing the client as a market leader in the mortgage lending industry, driving innovation and setting new standards through their successful digital transformation.

The client used digital solutions to solve problems, improve efficiency, and become leaders in digital mortgage lending. They achieved this with the help of our partner for AWS services. This case study demonstrates their success.