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Used Vehicle Management: Cloud-Based Efficiency and Advanced AI in Action

Reducing claim processing time results in enhanced customer experiences.


By leveraging cloud-based software, Amazon Rekognition, our Accelerance partner has established a robust digital platform for buying, selling, and managing used vehicles. Budget for this project was 300K over two months.


To save time and money, the client recognized the necessity to simplify and streamline their processes. Through this optimization, they aimed to achieve increased efficiency, reduced costs, and ultimately improved their overall business performance.


This innovative solution enables us to streamline the entire process, from browsing and purchasing vehicles to facilitating smooth transactions and arranging logistics.

The cloud-based software offers a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for both buyers and sellers, providing a seamless experience throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

With this digital platform in place, the client has enhanced efficiency, expanded our reach, and optimized operations, ultimately benefiting both buyers and sellers in the used vehicle market.

Our Accelerance partner successfully trained a Deep Learning Model with a specialized focus on detecting damages in cars. This cutting-edge model employs advanced algorithms and techniques to accurately predict the repair costs associated with these damages.

It can generate automatic repair quotes, eliminating the need for manual calculations and streamlining the entire process. By utilizing this model, the client can swiftly assess the extent of damage in a vehicle and provide customers with prompt and accurate repair estimates.

This technology dramatically saves time and enhances the overall efficiency of our operations, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers in the car repair industry.


Implementing this innovative solution brings forth several benefits. Firstly, it streamlines the appraisal process, eliminating unnecessary delays and inefficiencies. As a result, the client can provide quicker and more accurate estimates to our customers, significantly improving overall customer satisfaction.

This automated approach reduces claim processing time, allowing us to expedite the resolution of insurance claims. The combination of faster and more accurate estimates, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced processing time results in a more efficient and effective operation in the appraisal and claims management process.

These benefits lead to enhanced customer experiences, cost savings, and a strengthened competitive advantage in the industry.