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Value Enablement: A Journey in Innovation and Experience Design

Enhance user experience and functionality, ensuring the project's feasibility calculator maintains consistency.


As an industry leader, our Accelerance partner specializes in providing enterprise-class solutions that automate and scale customer value management. Their app modernization takes user interaction and scalability to new heights, injecting excitement into the equation.

With their cutting-edge platform, sales and success teams can establish trust and project investments with confidence, utilizing value-based selling techniques that deliver tangible outcomes.

Collaborating closely with their valued client, they embarked on a journey to revolutionize their platform. Through the addition of innovative features, they made it fully customizable for diverse customer segments.

Their enhanced investment calculator ensures accuracy, while their heightened responsiveness addresses the ever-evolving needs of their customers.

By leveraging the power of innovation and design, development and maintenance, quality assurance, and cloud solutions, they unleashed the full potential of their platform.


The client had an exciting mission: to supercharge their platform, "Value Cloud®", with amazing features and functionalities. They wanted to create an all-in-one value enablement approach while expanding into new markets. But here's the thing: their customers were facing ridiculously long wait times, up to 8 hours, for their precious Value Analysis calculations to finish.

Our partner needed to revamp the Value Analysis runtime to focus on everything that drives performance forward. Plus, manual and time-consuming server maintenance processes were killing the application's availability and customer experience. They knew it was time to shake things up and make everything more efficient, so our client could continue to accelerate.


By engaging in insightful discussions, our partner teamed up with the client to identify essential parameters from industry and company datasets. These parameters were then integrated with our proprietary model to create accurate and dynamic value analysis for both prospects and customers. The certified domain and technology experts with our Accelerance partner played a vital role in migrating the server and platform to a top-tier cloud-based infrastructure. This infrastructure, equipped with data encryption and security controls, allows our client and their customers to scale effortlessly while ensuring data remains safeguarded.

To amplify the value of the platform for our client's customers, they introduced a User Group Flowchart. This unique flowchart allows customers to create real-time forecasting scenarios tailored to their specific areas of interest. Customers can now choose parameters based on their clients' industries, resulting in highly personalized outputs.

As part of their comprehensive approach, they modernized the technical framework of Value Cloud®, upgrading it from Angular v7 to v12. This modernization included adding key features to enhance the user experience and functionality, thereby ensuring consistency throughout the feasibility calculator project.

Additionally, they implemented a source code refactor, empowering our partner’s developers to execute automated maintenance tasks six times faster than before.

This advancement in automation enables seamless business continuity, even during scheduled maintenance windows.

The outcome is a significantly improved platform that is robust, modern, and intuitive, truly enhancing the experiences of our client's consumers.


To significantly boost the platform's value for our client's customers and provide tailored outputs based on their interests, we developed a User Group Flowchart. This allows them to create real-time forecasting scenarios, choosing parameters specific to their industry.

Furthermore, Value Cloud® underwent a complete overhaul, including a technical framework upgrade from Angular v7 to v12.

They introduced key features to improve user experience and functionality, ensuring consistency in the project's feasibility calculator.

By refactoring the source code and implementing automated scripts, our partner’s developers achieved 6x faster execution of maintenance tasks, ensuring uninterrupted business operations even during maintenance periods.

Consequently, our clients now benefit from a more robust, modern, user-friendly platform. They achieved a 91% reduction in calculation time for each hypothesis within the application, resulting in a 40% increase in our client's customer base.

As a result of the enhanced customer experience, their partnership has extended to two years. Additionally, they managed to accelerate speed to market by 30%, saving valuable time on debugging tasks.