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Working With the World’s Largest Retailer

Quickly identify and fix errors for efficient decision-making.


Enhancing the data warehouse for a better financial view and user experience with SAP for the finance team.


Decentralized Information Repository and Obsolete Data. The client used various financial sources for over ten years. This caused their data to become outdated and led to decentralized information storage. This decentralization resulted in a surge in duplications and inaccuracies, which in turn posed challenges within their infrastructure.

Increased Expenses Because of Extensive Evaluation of Financial Records. The client incurred extra expenses as a result of the thorough evaluation of numerous financial records, which necessitated extensive reprocessing and audit procedures.

Complexity in Strategic Decision-making and Risk Mitigation because of Inadequate Information. The client had difficulties in making important business decisions. These difficulties were caused by complex procedures and lack of enough information. As a result, risk management became difficult.


Our Accelerance partner utilized IDocs, which is an intermediate document structure used in SAP applications, for data transfer. The process of identifying faults and errors within the data was time-consuming and impeded effective decision-making.

They developed a Reprocessing User Interface that included Tableau dashboards for the finance team to view IDocs with errors. The dashboard gave detailed info on errors, helping fix them quickly and send them to the right teams efficiently. It results in expediting the correction process, ultimately reducing delays in decision-making.

Our partner created ETLs to transfer data from various sources to data marts such as SAP S4/Hana and Tax Hub. These data marts are used for inventory cost and tax calculations. Teamed with a group of Scala data engineers, they developed the pipelines. The Innovation and Experience Design team crafted the user interface for the dashboards.

Our partner started with creating a dashboard. The dashboard utilized the client's cloud data. Its purpose was to identify opportunities for cost savings.

Our partner achieved this by avoiding the use of specific cloud components. This tool played a significant role in generating annual savings of approximately $12 million for the client.

As a result of our approach, the client now possesses a single source of truth for financial reporting. This integration allows the corporation to make critical and accurate decisions based on real-time data insights.


Cost Savings on an Unprecedented Scale. The client experienced a noteworthy achievement in significant cost savings, amounting to an impressive $60 million per month.

This substantial financial impact underscores the effectiveness of our approach and its positive impact on the client's bottom line.

Centralized Information for Enhanced Insights. We centralized information from 56 transaction sources, including mainframe and Next-gen technologies like Kafka, Scala, and Akka.

This consolidation resulted in improved data insights characterized by enhanced accuracy, speed, reliability, and quality.

Empowering Real-Time Insights through Data Consolidation. Through the consolidation of information, we successfully transferred approximately 44 million IDocs to SAP S/4 HANA.

This change let the customer get instant information, much better than waiting 10 days for data.