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Outsource or Else!

How a VP of Software Saved His Company

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Real outsourcing advice in a laugh-out-loud story you can relate to.


Outsource or Else! is the critically acclaimed technology management fable written by Accelerance Founder, Andy Hilliard and Steve Mezak. The book provides an entertaining, yet realistic look at the common concerns and pitfalls that companies face when navigating the risks and rewards of software development outsourcing.

Our book will provide you with advice and best practices for choosing the right software development outsourcing company that:

  • Meets your technical requirements
  • Fits your company culture
  • Delivers maximum value for your investment
  • Brings new levels of innovation and best practices to your organization 

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If you think of outsourcing or even if you already outsource, read this book. As a CIO, I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to hire or build a software development team. The author addresses all the areas that might become problematic in the future.


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