Outsource or Else!: How a VP of Software Saved His Company

Accelerance wrote the book on software development outsourcing

Outsource or Else! is the critically acclaimed technology management fable written by Accelerance founders, Steve Mezak and Andy Hilliard. The book provides an entertaining, yet realistic look at the common concerns and pitfalls that companies face when navigating the risks and rewards of software development outsourcing.

Real outsourcing advice in a laugh-out-loud story you’ll relate to

Outsource or Else! provides technical leaders with advice and best practices for choosing the right software development outsourcing company who:

  • Meets your technical requirements
  • Fits your company culture
  • Delivers maximum value for your investment
  • Brings new levels of innovation and best practices to your organization 

“If you think of outsourcing or even if you already outsource read this book.
As a CIO I recommend this book to anyone that looks to hire or to build a software development team. The author addresses all the areas that might become problematic in the future.”
- George Bagropoulos
“A great read for anyone or any company considering outsourcing some or all of their software development (or even a great read for those not yet considering it). You'll find practical tips and straightforward guidance on making the transition from "in-house to outsourcing" a successful one. Easy to read and in an engaging format!
- Amazon Customer
An easy, relatable read on a quite intimidating topic. This book walks the reader through what is typically a daunting process with great insight, in a quite entertaining manor. Sprinkled with both humor and reality, this book really drives home not only the importance of outsourcing, but actionable steps to ensure a successful outsourced project.
- Amy Liles
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