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15 Risk Factors in Software Development Outsourcing

Essential Considerations for Successful
Project Outcomes.

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How to crush software outsourcing risks with this definitive checklist.


Software outsourcing projects can be a gamble. Under tight budgets and economic uncertainty, you can't afford to lose.

You'll need to proactively search and destroy threats before your project begins. We've done the homework for you. After 20+ years of analyzing software development experiences, we’ve identified recurring risk factors that, if addressed in advance, can remove obstacles to software outsourcing success.

Our checklist captures the 15 critical risk factors in three areas of software leadership: Business, Management, and Technology.

We’ve seen companies struggle to outsource software development successfully - often not due to issues with their global partner but because of those internal shortcomings. It's mission-critical to assess, identify, and mitigate potential risks before work begins.

This checklist is one of our many tools to help you confidently outsource.  Trust experienced advisors from Accelerance, the Global Software Outsourcing Authority®, for effective outsourcing risk management strategies.

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