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Jarret Streiner

Director of Marketing


Meet Jarret

As Accelerance's Director of Marketing, Jarret oversees our omnichannel marketing model with expertise in digital channels, analytics, and trends.

As a cross-functional marketing leader with a focus on innovation and emerging technologies, Jarret has a track record of implementing high-level projects to improve process efficiency, reduce errors and expenses, and maintain or increase output quality and performance. With expertise in SEO/PPC, CRO, ROI, content, social media, web analytics, business intelligence, A/B testing, channel attribution, product management, and tag management administration, he has successfully directed strategies across digital, website, social media, paid search, and content for global companies.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Wright State University and certification and training in digital marketing, management, and specialized skills, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Hubspot, and Agile/Scrum, Jarret is an effective communicator with expertise in campaign management, team building, leadership and development, reporting and analysis, digital marketing optimization, process improvement, market research, strategy development, and project management. He is a Florida native and has visited 44 countries on five continents.

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