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Align with your developers for a fully-integrated outsourced software project.

Worry less about alignment. Get a fully-managed outsource software project underway using developers from our certified global network.

Who knew outsourcing software projects could be painless?

You’ve heard (or suffered) the stories of outsourcing gone wrong.

They’re called outsourcing horror stories for a reason. Late to scrum meetings. Non-responsive to chat or email. Comment-less code that makes your internal teams pull out their hair — or quit.

With our certified global network, you don’t have to worry. Your team is aligned to your goals and values — and we’re there to help every step of the way.

25% of outsourcing projects fail within two years. Those aren’t odds we’d want to play.

We’re not cooks, but we’d boil that failure down to alignment.

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With nearly 27 million software developers in the world, not everyone is going to have the specific skills or experience you need to reach your project goals.


Scope creep happens in lots of ways. Without a clear understanding of goals or outcomes, both internal and outsourced teams may struggle.


Roadmapping out how you’re going to get from point A to point Z can make the difference between hitting milestones or wandering a vast waste-scape.


Communication is the thread that keeps all of this together. What do we need? What will we do? When will it happen? Sharing information — both ways — leads to better outcomes.

Alignment Workshops

Gain alignment with your outsourced development team the first time.

Mapped. Matrixed. Matched to your workplace dynamics.

Find your perfect fit software outsourcing partner with our guaranteed Rapid Referral Program. Then, align on expectations, quality controls, commitments, protocols, communication and security.

You and your in-house team deserve an outsource software project team ready to take action. Gain alignment with your ideal team today.

  • Partner Onboarding
  • Goal Establishment
  • Performance Expectations
  • Role & Responsibility Setting
  • Defining Processes
  • Cultural Blending & Language
  • Team Communications
  • Work Practices
  • Relationship Management
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Helping These Brands Match to Perfect Fit Partners

Establish goals so your outsource software project delivers — in every way.

A seamless integration of people, process, and technology.

You don’t want your outsource software project to be in that 25% of failure — and we won’t let it happen.

Find your perfect-fit partner, align and launch your outsource software project, and optimize outcomes every step of the way with our team at your side.

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Optimize your outsourcing software projects for outcomes.

Once your partnership is in place, we’ll help you manage the relationship.

Whether that’s as simple as a reminder to your remote teams about expectations, continued alignment support, or on-site facilitation — we guarantee your outsourcing software project outcomes.

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