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Cox Automotive engaged Accelerance to help provide structure and organization to its tech initiatives following 14+ acquisitions over the previous decade. Beyond just winnowing a sprawling tech stack and consolidating to three key development “centers of excellence”, Cox also needed to transition from a monolithic app to cloud based, microservices architecture. Accelerance provided this leadership, created a thoughtful product roadmap, and identified an effective outsourced solution to complement the domestic team.


Atlanta-based Global Payments is a worldwide leader in payment technology. We helped them select a Colombian partner to add 100-200 additional developers who will collaborate with onsite development and leadership and an existing Ukraine development partner in addressing a huge backlog and roadmap for development. We also deploy (4) full time consultants onsite to reorganize and impart leadership to the PMO.

Adroll is a leading performance advertising platform with over 20,000 active advertisers worldwide. AdRoll provides a high degree of transparency and reach across the largest display inventory sources, including Google AdX and Facebook Exchange. Primarily an open source user, Accelerance brought Adroll and a Pan-Latin American Partner together to create a development team of 50 distributed engineers with Python, PhP, Node.js, Go, Flask, React, Amazon Web Services, hadoop and RoR experience who could handle the full-cycle, full-stack software development of Adroll’s marketing platform in a collaborative and flexible manner.

San Francisco based MuleSoft provides a flexible, unified software platform that enables organizations to easily build application networks using APIs: from Global 500 corporations to emerging companies including Netflix, Spotify and Salesforce. Given their growth, they were finding it difficult to hire talented engineers in their competitive local marketplace (they had 60 open recs at the time). They asked Accelerance to help find a quality Latin American group to build a team of 25 to 50 people in the near term, with the vision to grow this team to 100+. The tech stack included Javascript, Node, QA side, Linuse, Java, Selenium, C++, and Python. Accelerance was quickly able to shortlist three quality Partners, and assisted MuleSoft with all aspects of the selection process. With preferred group chosen, Accelerance assisted with scaling and on boarding the remote team.