Software development in India continues to flourish in recent years. India software outsourcing service firms are comprised of a well-educated, English-speaking workforce. This has helped India dominate the outsourcing industry. From a technology standpoint, Indian service firms have broad experience with all of the standard software technologies such as .NET, Java, LAMP and other open source technologies for web and desktop applications. Indian firms are also creating embedded software for devices using Linux and embedded XP, as well as mobile applications using iOS, Android and Windows 8 Mobile.

Accelerance Partners in India

The ecosystem of Accelerance Certified Expert (ACE) partners includes companies from India that have been thoroughly screened and vetted. These ACE partners have good command of English and have agreed to Accelerance’s terms for intellectual property protection.

These company's offer custom software development expertise in web enabled applications, Windows an Macintosh desktop applications and mobile development, as well as a broad range of testing and quality assurance services. 

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