Software Outsourcing in South & Southeast Asia: Accelerance's Comprehensive 2022 Guide

Everything you need to know about offshoring to Asia.

US companies are taking a fresh look at this proven software outsourcing destination offering the deepest pool of quality engineering firms at 30% to 70% lower costs available anywhere. 

But how do you get started? Accelerance's proprietary guide explores the latest trends and rates for offshoring software development to South and Southeast Asia (where outsourcing began).

Our expert analysis provides outsourcing readiness "scorecards" for nine countries across key dimensions including:

  • Business, economic and risk factors

  • Digital innovation capabilities

  • Political environment and stability

  • Work-day and time-zone fit

  • Tech skills and English proficiency

Download the guide for our inside insights into offshoring to these top Asian locations: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam.

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"In today's fast-paced tech environment, the imperative for quick availability, onboarding and continuity of resources makes offshoring to Asia not just a more affordable option but almost a necessary alternative. Now is the time to look at Asia seriously again. You get the talent pool, the speed to ramp up, the resources, the white-glove attention – a smart CTO would be looking to get a jump on the market.”

-Andy Hilliard, CEO of Accelerance


Established software development companies throughout Asia have a track record of working with US clients. Accelerance regularly visits software outsourcing firms in the region to assess their knowledge of Western business practices and English proficiency. We've found that the quality of the region's software engineering skills is up to US standards – at a significantly lower price point than currently trending markets in Latin America and Europe. 


Southeast Asia is entering a new era of digital transformation as the region emerges from the pandemic. Growth in the internet economy has exceeded expectations, surging to a record $174 billion in 2021. The rapidly expanding technology sector has seen a rise in both start-ups and entrepreneurial initiatives. Beyond India – the reigning global leader in IT outsourcing – Vietnam and the Philippines are singled out in the latest Global Innovation Index as innovative software outsourcing destinations. We're also seeing potential in opportunities offered by emerging markets in Thailand and Malaysia.

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