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Time is money for software solution providers in the retail space. Customers demand prompt service and financial transactions must be quick, stable, and secure. If you are a SAAS solution provider, continuous innovation of your product is imperative. This is the world of a Fortune 1000 Accelerance client.

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Disrupting the PoS Industry

Our Client is a disrupter in Point of Sales (POS) solutions for retail businesses and restaurants. Their value proposition is simple and straightforward: one price per month - regardless of device type, number of users, or number of devices.

Instead of the classic model of expensive POS terminals and kiosks, with a pay-per-user or pay-per-device pricing structure, their customers access their cloud-based system (SaaS) from virtually any device - including tablets and smartphones.

Competition in the POS space is fierce. Long-time entrenched giants have historically dominated this space including hardware-based firms IBM and NCR as well as ERP solutions like Oracle and Epicor, to name just a few. Our Client is disrupting their space with a powerful, robust SaaS solution and a compelling subscription model.

But - there’s a problem. The Company’s leadership team needed to move fast. They recognized a huge business opportunity in the marketplace, but that opportunity could only be realized if their software product could be ready to meet market demand.

Existing Ukrainian Outsourcing Couldn’t Keep Up

SaaS providers know their products must continually evolve and improve. Our Client had been working on a major development effort to create new functionality in their product. But, they also had a large backlog of system requests. To accelerate the new system development, they hired an offshore software development company in Ukraine. Although the offshore company had over 100 employees, they were still unable to recruit new talent fast enough to meet the increasing demands for programming work.

Understanding the Pain Points

When Accelerance met with our new Client, these key pain points were discussed:

Above all, it was critically important for the company to be able to scale to meet rapidly growing development needs.

The Ukrainian development partner just wasn’t able to keep pace with demand for software development. Miscommunication about features, priorities and code dependencies led to rework, delays and frustrations.

Our Client needed an elevated level of partnership: working with someone who has been there before” and could advise, lead, and execute at a high level.

Some of the leadership team felt risk with “all our eggs in one basket” with the Ukrainian development group. They hoped to diversify the talent pool, but still enjoy the benefits of outsourcing.

If a second outsourcing partner was added, it was important that the two outsourcing companies collaborate effectively.

Accelerance Tech Consulting Team Establishes Effective Software Development Across 3 Continents

Accelerance embedded an experienced tech management consulting team to help our Client establish a Project Management Office (PMO) and restructure critical processes in internal software development operations. Our mission was to help them create more effective and rapid deployment of new software with better planning, better offshore partners and better ongoing management. Part of this solution was to create one, effective, software development team, spread across three organizations and continents, eliminating the existing partner/vendor relationship and preventing a new one from being formed.

Using our proven advisory process, Accelerance helped our Client select a new offshore software development partner, complementing the current internal and Ukrainian engineering teams. Based on their specific needs, we presented a shortlist of Certified Partners from the Accelerance Global Network - the most curated database of high-performance software providers in the industry. The new Accelerance Certified Partner had ability to scale in size, possessed highest quality development talent, and included design engineers with abilities not found in the legacy Ukrainian vendor.

Results: Rapid Development Strategies, Processes and Solutions

Accelerance’s multi-pronged approach is achieving great results. Here are some of the highlights:

Our Client has a new Latin America partner who is able to add the power of 100-200 additional engineers to address a backlog of projects and and develop software for an aggressive product roadmap. They are enjoying the added benefits of this new nearshore outsourcing partner who collaborates from an overlapping time-zone with US-based software development and leadership staff.

The new Latin America team also also collaborates effectively with a second offshore team - located in the Ukraine.

Thanks to Accelerance, our Client develops software more efficiently. They have a vastly improved change request process, coupled with an effective PMO process to oversee active projects.

They have new metrics to measure success in software development: improve work estimates and progress tracking from sprint-to-sprint and release-to-release of product.

Client Quote

“We engaged Accelerance for 2 initiatives. The first was to assist with the selection of an additional offshore software engineering partner. The key with Accelerance was ... they took the extra step of understanding our environment: what were we building, how were we building it, what was the infrastructure, coding languages and more importantly, our company culture. To date we have worked with our chosen partner for nearly a year and are very satisfied with the selection.

The 2nd initiative was a review of our Product and Project Management process as well as software release management. From that start, it was clear this engagement would be different. This engagement was much more personal than with other consulting engagements. Rather than throwing around industry standard this and industry standard that, it was more lets review and be practical about how the processes can be enhanced to deliver more value. Where we didn't have a process, one was collectively built that matched our expertise and fit with our culture. Bobby and Tom [from Accelerance] were great to work with and I'm happy to say that we stayed connected after this engagement. They understood we were going to be very hard to work with and adapt to any change. They accepted that it was up to us what we were able to implement and what we couldn't.

Overall Accelerance is a great partner. They dig deep to truly understand the business and do not throw around surfacey consulting terms. They have experts that can speak on any level.”

- Senior Director, Service Management

It’s Hard to be Competitive

US companies who need mission-critical software know there is a shortage of technical talent. Software development outsourcing - when done right - can be the boost your company needs to become - and remain - competitive.

Your outsourcing partner needs to be able to collaborate with you - and other vendors in an effective manner

Your outsourcing partner needs all the right skills, this includes great programming skills, but also may mean strong design and conceptualization skills

You need speed, so good processes in your SDLC and your PMO are critical

You need good methods to continuously collaborate with your outsourcing partner

No One Knows More About Software Outsourcing

Accelerance is the leading authority on outsourcing. Our software outsourcing consulting services help business and tech leaders, plan, and execute successful outsourcing engagements. Our experienced team can advise, lead, or fully manage your software development.

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