For software companies continuous innovation is imperative. To maintain a critical competitive advantage, SaaS companies often outsource software development to nearshore or offshore development partners as strategic weapon to reduce costs, increase capacity and improve speed to market.

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Continual Innovation to Meet Customer Demand

Hatchbuck  develops Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing solutions, delivered to customers in a cloud-based subscription model. Hatchbuck’s target customers are small to midsize companies that sell goods and services to other businesses (B2B).  Since their inception in 2012, the Hatchbuck team has been laser-focused on providing the best value, richest feature CRM software and Marketing solutions to their customers.

Customers who subscribe to Hatchbuck’s software expect a continuously evolving and improving product.  Simply “staying the same” is unacceptable in the highly competitive CRM market.

Client Lacked a Clear Product Roadmap from  Ineffective Indian Outsourcing Team

In meeting with Hatchbuck, Accelerance quickly understood the competitive pressures they faced to continuously deliver an enhanced product. New software had to be coded, tested, and released as quickly as possible - with good quality and with compelling new functionality. Accelerance identified two major areas of improvement for Hatchbuck.

  1. Hatchbuck lacked a clear product development roadmap. There was not a sufficient plan to continually develop and release new code that would delight Hatchbuck customers and attract new ones.
  2. Hatchbuck needed to transition from their current outsourcing relationship.  Hatchbuck was already outsourcing some of their software development to a team in India, but they experienced communication problems due to time zone differences. Also, their India-based outsourcing team was not experienced enough to advise Hatchbuck on strategic matters - like planning and executing a proper product roadmap.

Accelerance Delivers New, High-Performance Software Development Partner

To help Hatchbuck meet their goals, Accelerance led Hatchbuck through our proprietary process to of evaluating and selecting a  high-performing nearshore software development  partner.  In the new relationship, Hatchbuck enjoyed increased workday overlap, improved quality, high collaboration, rapid ramp-up, and resource flexibility. The entire process took two months from our initial consultation through partner selection,  terms negotiation, and into the engagement launch.

Thanks to Accelerance, Hatchbuck has transitioned to a new software development outsourcing vendor who is better suited to be a true software partner for Hatchbuck. The relationship with Accelerance has enabled Hatchbuck to pursue a product roadmap of continually improving their SaaS solution.

Accelerance helped us make a selection from a myriad of possibilities. Our global partner is perfectly suited to the way we do business. We are very pleased. Everything is perfect.”

Thomas Holt, Vice President of Development, Hatchbuck

Discover Your Ideal Offshore Software Partner

Being competitive in the marketplace with with pressures of continuous improvement of your mission critical software is difficult.  There’s a shortage of skills, and demand for available talent is at a premium. Even without the shortages - 16451645

Accelerance knows the top outsourcing companies in the world with resources for your software development needs.  We have established global relationships that allow us to match your needs to the perfect offshore or nearshore outsourcing partner.

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