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Entrepreneurs are risk takers. They have a vision for something and they see a ripe business potential more clearly than anyone else around them. But founders of a startup need more than just a great idea and some seed money. Startup companies, or even established business in new ventures that exploit emerging technologies (like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) need a partner who can help translate that “Big Idea” into a technically sound solution.

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Transforming Surgical Team Training

Oya Celikbilek, founder of Vero Healthcare Technologies had deep experience as executive with prestigious healthcare institutions such as Northwestern Medical Foundation and Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Her formal education and work experience made her naturally attuned to “doing things better”: better processes, better economics in services, and better knowledge transference and education for medical professionals.

She became convinced of an untapped opportunity to marry emerging technologies like VR and AR with the needs of educating and training surgical teams. Her vision is to leverage emerging technologies to create surgical training that is safe, customizable, and equips surgical teams for real-world operating room situations.

Startup Vision Brought Founder into Unfamiliar Territory

Vero Healthcare Technologies needed assistance to define and create a technical solution that matched the vision. The concept of developing a product roadmap and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) were not part of Oya’s background and expertise. Vero asked Accelerance to help transform their exciting vision into an actionable plan.

Accelerance Provides Essential Strategic Consulting

Accelerance technology consulting services were a great fit for Vero Healthcare Technologies. We assigned a senior-level strategy consultant to help Oya turn business objectives into actionable plans for a technology solution. Accelerance helped clarify the company vision into product and system attributes. Then, our consulting team developed a product roadmap, starting with an MVP. Project work plans and budgets were created for planning purposes.

Throughout the multi-month engagement with Vero, there was a strong working relationship between a business-oriented owner of a startup and an Accelerance consultant who provided technology strategy and guidance for this new startup venture.

Client Quote

"As a former Chief Information Officer for a private and an academic medical center, I understand what the market and the client needs. However, in large corporate healthcare, we didn’t use custom developed software, which is precisely what I need for Vero. In short, I didn’t know how to explain my thoughts on my new product, so that it would be meaningful for developers.

Accelerance is a great fit for my needs. They use a very structured approach, which works for entrepreneurs like me who are constantly pulled in multiple directions. My advisor possesses a large spectrum of skills: technology, project planning, and strategic planning. From my experience, Accelerance could take any type of business from ground zero and help them build up.

I’ve learned a lot from working with Accelerance, and hope to continue working with them. Having a software consulting team has been essential to my company’s progress."

- Oya Celikbilek,  Founder
Vero Healthcare Technologies

Startup and MVP Software Consulting

Creating a new, breakthrough business solution that leverages emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, VR, AR, etc. is difficult. Business leaders may not even know how to begin the journey.  They need an experienced technology management advisor. The Accelerance technology consulting team has decades of experience in designing software solutions and managing complex software development projects.

Better Strategies. Better Development. Better Software.

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