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OneShore Approach to Software Development Outsourcing Webinar: Advice From Our Global Software Development Expert

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Watch our exclusive webinar and gain insider knowledge from Accelerance's award-winning Global Software Development Expert. Olivier Poulard will share invaluable insights based on our proprietary OneShore Framework to help you manage more effectively and more efficiently your distributed teams - onshore, nearshore, and offshore.

Master the Maze and Conquer the Chaos: Leading High-Performing Distributed Development Teams

Are you struggling to manage distributed software development teams across borders? Are you feeling overwhelmed by inefficiencies, inconsistent results, and missed deadlines?

Watch our exclusive webinar and discover proven strategies and best practices to unlock the full potential of your global workforce!

Our Speaker, Olivier Poulard, Accelerance's Award-Winning Global Software Development Expert, will share his insights based on the powerful Accelerance’s proprietary OneShore Framework.

In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Unlock the Power of Outsourcing: Discover the top benefits of building a global development team in today's competitive landscape.
  • Tame Hidden Challenges: Identify and overcome critical issues that can hinder the success of distributed teams.
  • Master Cutting-Edge Strategies: Learn proven offshore strategies to leverage your team's strengths and conquer geographical challenges.
  • Deliver Working Software, Consistently: Build a winning operating model for efficient offshore operations that ensure consistent delivery.
  • Cultivate a Collaborative Culture: Foster a strong, collaborative culture that's the foundation for lasting success. Don’t let "Culture eat your strategy for breakfast!"


Don't miss this opportunity to transform your distributed development efforts! Download now and unlock the power of high-performing global teams.

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Meet Our Host

Get the inside scoop from our expert, who has been working with tech-driven businesses and software development firms for 20+ years.

Olivier Poulard (3)

Olivier Poulard

Managing Director of Global Software Engineering Strategies, Accelerance

Olivier is a change agent with over 20 years of global international leadership experience, combining all aspects of digital product development, technology management, software engineering, program management, and offshore outsourcing at scale. His passion for delivering better software has led him to reimagine how large, distributed offshore programs should be envisioned, organized, planned, contracted, and executed.

In the last 16 years, Olivier has led the development and release to production of a wide array of complex, mission-critical, distributed IT systems with more than 2,100 talented software engineers and technologists from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ukraine, Russia, and India.