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2024 Predictions: What to Expect in Software Development Outsourcing

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2024 is expected to be influenced by ongoing economic issues, global tensions, and constant changes in technology, making the future pretty uncertain. We'll likely still feel the effects of economic problems, see some conflicts between countries continuing, and experience the ongoing impact of new technologies shaping our lives. As we enter 2024, it seems like things might be different than what we're used to, reminding us to be flexible and ready for whatever comes our way.

Informed by insights gleaned from our extensive global survey disseminated across our global network of more than 8,000 software outsourcing partners, we present the following key trends that we anticipate will significantly influence the upcoming year:

  • Pent Up Demand
  • Modest Rate Rises
  • Growth in Asia and Latin America
  • Partners Productize AI
  • The Lingering Impact of Inflation

To learn more about the latest software outsourcing rate changes download the  2024  Global  Software  Outsourcing  Rates  and  Trends  Guide 

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