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Andy Hilliard

Author & Chief Executive Officer


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Meet Andy

At age 26, Andy Hilliard had a quarter-life crisis that changed the trajectory of his life. In an effort to find himself, Andy joined the Peace Corps in 1988. On assignment in Costa Rica, he fell in love with the culture—and the woman who became his wife. The experience led Andy to dedicate himself to enriching businesses and individuals through valuable cultural exchange.

As CEO of Accelerance, Andy helps companies find the talent they need to scale high- performing, globally distributed software engineering and product development teams.

Andy and Accelerance travel the world, assessing and certifying development partners with a proprietary matching system, so clients can connect with confidence to the top 1% of outsourcing partners worldwide. The Accelerance team also helps clients optimize their outsourcing partner relationships through mutual understanding, communication, and effective management.

Previously, Andy founded the groundbreaking nearshore software development services company, Isthmus Costa Rica. He began his global software services career as a Division Manager at Cognizant Technology Solutions during its formative years.

Currently living in Kenwood, California, Andy has visited more than 60 countries. He holds an MBA in International Business, Finance, and Marketing from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.

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A Blueprint for Building Effective, Globally Distributed Teams
in the New Era of Software Development

About Synergea

“I truly believe that people are first and locations are secondary when it comes to software development success.” —Andy Hilliard

Software development outsourcing is experiencing a new renaissance, fueled by a scarcity of technological expertise, centers of excellence in unlikely places, and tools that facilitate remote work.

What was once a tactical move to save a few dollars, outsourcing software development to experts in other countries has become a strategic imperative. Businesses of all sizes and across all industries are forming alliances with multiple nearshore and offshore partners to drive innovation and improve resilience in an uncertain world.

Business leaders who understand the secrets of cross-cultural management are poised to pull ahead of their competition and ensure sustained growth. In Synergea—whose name combines the words synergy and Pangea, the ancient landmass that included all the continents—Andy Hilliard will show you how to:

  • Prepare your business for successful software development outsourcing
  • Find the best people in an ever-expanding talent pool
  • Build trust, respect, and psychological safety for high performance on a global scale
  • Align your internal and external teams for efficiency, innovation, and rewarding experiences
  • Turn cultural differences into competitive advantage
Synergea is essential for any business leader who sees the value of breaking down stereotypes, being open to new experiences, and finding common ground in pursuit of a shared purpose. Effective multinational management will transform your organization, and it may just transform your life if you let it.

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