Automated Tools vs. Ethical Hackers...

Who Wins?

September 19, 2019

Charlotte, NC

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Automated Tools vs. Ethical Hackers...Who Wins?

September 19, 2019    6:00p - 8:00p

False Promises for the DevSecOps world?

In this Accelerance sponsored event, Fluid Attacks CTO, Rafael Alvarez will discuss the following:

  • Comparing automated testing with a human tester, and how appropriate these tools are if are incorporated on CI / CD pipelines
  • Open source and commercial automatic discovery tools performance when trying to detect vulnerabilities
  • Supporting your business decisions related to investment in automatic vulnerability discovery tools

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Rafael Alvarez, CTO at Fluid Attacks

Rafael Alvarez is the Founder and CTO of Fluid Attacks. Based in Columbia, South America, Rafael leads Fluid Attacks’ Red Team operations and product development, where the focus is on “fast exploitation” and “vulnerability disclosure”. Rafael is a frequent speaker on software development, information security, and entrepreneurship. He holds a degree from The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (Pune, India) and Max-Plank Institute for Informatics (Munich, Germany).

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