Insights | 3 Steps to Prepare For the Launch of Your Mobile App

3 Steps to Prepare For the Launch of Your Mobile App

By Andy Hilliard | January 28, 2015

3_Steps_to_Prepare_For_the_Launch_of_Your_Mobile_AppYou’ve just had your outsourced team finish your mobile app, and now you’re looking to make a big splash with your app on the mobile market.

Successfully launching your mobile app takes the right strategy, dedicated marketing, and thorough testing to separate you from your competitors and ensure a smooth user experience.

Here is what you need to know to make your mobile app launch everything you want it to be.

Acquire App Domain

You want to ensure you obtain the proper app domain and secure a place for your app on its respective app store. You should also be tracking your app’s development to try and establish a clear launch state, often taking measures to have it coincide with big dates like the beginning of the holiday shopping season, if it’s relevant to the subject matter of your app.

In addition, securing a website domain name tied to your app—if you don’t already have one—is also an essential step in ensuring potential customers have multiple ways to connect to your company and learn about the benefits of using your app.

Generate Buzz Around the App’s Launch

You can have a great mobile app, but if people don’t learn about why your app is both useful and special, it’s likely your app will simply get lost in a sea of competitors.

Successful marketing means the following:

  • Creating a unique and positive launch event

  • Building a mailing list to keep users updated on your launch date and the benefits of your app

  • Cross app promotion if you have other apps already in your company’s lineup

  • Marketing on social media, across blog platforms, and using SEO strategies to generate web traffic and user interest around your launch date

If you’re planning to charge money for your app, it’s a good idea to offer your app for free or reduce cost at first to build an active user base. If you’re already offering your app for free and simply plan to use it to augment your current business model, think about offering a 10 percent discount on your services or products for the first 100 users to download your app. It’s these kinds of promotions that can build the buzz you need to help you gain market share and get people using your app in the first place.

Testing - Internal and External

Of course, you should be testing internally and externally throughout the development process, but testing leading up to the launch date needs to be especially intensive. Think about releasing the app to a limited number of users to get an idea of what bugs and errors are still present, and use the feedback you receive to assess whether your app is ready for the larger marketplace. At the same time, you’re not just looking for bugs and errors throughout the testing process, but also whether your mobile app is delivering the user experience that you originally intended for your app.

The launch of your app is an exciting time for your company, but launching your app the smart way can mean the difference between success and failure. Follow some of these suggestions and you’re already doing far more to promote your app than many other companies in the software industry.

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