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May 24, 2022

Independent B2B Ratings Service Recognizes Accelerance for Record Client Reviews

Accelerance has gained recognition for receiving a record number of top-rated client reviews from a prestigious third-party business rating service.

During the last 12 months, clients submitted over 20 reviews to Accelerance's profile on Clutch, a leading ratings and reviews platform for B2B service providers. Clutch independently contacts clients to verify their submitted reviews.

Accelerance earned a perfect score - 5.0 out of 5.0 stars - from its software development outsourcing clients, elevating it to "Gold Verified" status, the highest tier on Clutch (above its "Silver" and "Bronze" rankings).

“We are thrilled that Clutch provides Accelerance with a forum to showcase our client successes from 20 years of helping hundreds of US companies to find the ideal, trustworthy and proven offshore partner for their development efforts,” says Andy Hilliard, CEO of Accelerance.

“The validation from Clutch reflects that clients count on Accelerance as a trusted partner to reduce outsourcing risk and to help them quickly realize value when they move to a globally-distributed software development model.”



Clutch's parent company, The Manifest, regularly acknowledges those B2B companies that are among the most reviewed and recommended in its key regions. Accelerance achieved a top position for companies in the prestigious, tech-intensive San Francisco area.


We received the highest number of new reviews over the past year in these Clutch lists: Software Development Companies, Mobile App Development Companies, and Web Development Companies.

Clients awarded Accelerance top scores in the four key service dimensions for Clutch ratings:

  • Quality of services and deliverables
  • Overall value and delivery within budget
  • Ability to meet deadlines and agreed-upon project schedules
  • Willingness to refer a colleague to the company 

The high marks underscore Accelerance's consistent success in delivering top-notch software outsourcing teams and outcomes. Clutch evaluates each client's portfolio of projects and the types of projects the company completed for those clients. The Clutch evaluation process assesses each company in three areas:

  • Characteristics of the company's clients and whether or not they have delivered to global brands 
  • The company's experience as communicated through case studies and the ability to deliver complex projects
  • The ability to align experience with their stated services strategy and areas of focus

Clutch independently verifies client reviews to ensure their validity. Interviews are conducted with a Clutch analyst over the phone or are completed online.

The main question that Clutch investigates is, “How do you find a company with the qualities and expertise to tackle your project?” Companies are ultimately assessed to determine whether it makes the "leaders matrix," those companies with the highest ranking in a market. The three key factors that determine the leaders matrix are:

  • References and reviews
  • Clients and experience
  • Market presence

What Clients Say

Accelerance's glowing reviews from satisfied clients point out a strength of our business offering: Ensuring clients get up to speed quickly and efficiently and then achieve tangible results. 

Here is a sampling of reviews highlighting Accelerance's successful partnerships with software development outsourcing clients:


Academic Partnerships

Rob Hilliard, CIO of Academic Partnerships, hired Accelerance to assist with integrating their new IT team to improve development services. “The development team that Accelerance integrated has accomplished 60% of their yearly goal in just six months. The client's teams are incredibly efficient. Typically, Accelerance has biweekly and monthly meetings with the client to discuss progress. Their experience and communication are excellent,” said Hilliard. 

 When it comes to selecting the right outsourcing partner, due diligence is an important factor. Players Health, an athlete safety organization, was looking to develop a technology platform to build out a new insurance offering. They needed to find the right advisor who had experience with vetting outsourcing partners for a perfect fit. 


Players Health Logo-1

Bob Grogan, CTO of Players Health, shared his experience in selecting a partner with Accelerance:

Accelerance provided due diligence services as we evaluated development partners. They presented various candidate agencies, walked us through geographic considerations, and came up with an extensive assessment of our situation. Then, they found matching partners for us to interview and select. Moreover, Accelerance stands out for its comprehensive service and seamless project management. They communicate effectively and are flexible partners."

Companies looking for high-quality nearshore partners at affordable rates turn to Accelerance for quick results. Wiser Solutions, a company that provides an application to collect and analyze online and in-store data to provide insights, turned to Accelerance for a high-quality nearshore partner in Argentina to augment their onshore engineering team. They wanted to assess their readiness for offshore services and needed help finding the right partner to fit their culture and development needs. 


Wiser Solutions LOGO

Evan Walsh, CTO of Wiser Solutions, discusses how his team has grown after finding the right software outsourcing partner through Accelerance.

“We onboarded our first four developers in March 2020. Three of those four team members are still with us in December 2021. Since then we have expanded the partnership to 14 people and plan to add additional staff through our partner in 2021. The average fill time for developers through our partner is 3 to 4 weeks vs 3 to 4 months for full-time team members. We have also reduced our average headcount cost with this partnership. Hiring Accelerance to help us find the right partner has proven to be highly valuable. We found the right partner and got up and running quickly.”  

The testimonials above are just a few examples of how Accelerance has helped clients with their outsourcing needs.

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