Spotlight on Argentina: A Worldclass Option for Nearshore Outsourcing

Ryan Schauer

Ryan Schauer

Mar 25, 2022 | Accelerance Blog

The Accelerance team recently resumed our trademark on-site assessment of new partners for our certified global software outsourcing network. After a pandemic-related travel hiatus, we visited one of the hottest outsourcing destinations last week - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We finalized three new software development partners during in-person meetings at their local offices to verify their operations. These top-tier partners made the cut after months of Accelerance's evaluation of hundreds of criteria across their business, management and technology performance. Their advanced capabilities enhance our offering of emerging technology skills that are in high demand and short supply onshore.

To help US companies combat the record tech talent shortage, Accelerance has been focused on finding new partners and deepening our skills pools in Latin American countries. We're working hard to keep pace with skyrocketing demand for outsourcing firms there.

Within the region, Argentina is at the top of our list. it’s a nearshoring star whose popularity has been on the rise even more since the pandemic. And its deep-rooted engineering culture helps it rank among the world's top sources for software outsourcing. 

That's why we knew that Argentina needed to be our first stop after getting back on the road. We spent the week finalizing our certification of several of Argentina's top software outsourcing partners and then welcoming them to the exclusive Accelerance Global Software Developer Network.


Buenos Aires is often described as “The Paris of South America”. The Argentinian capital is a beautiful city, with wide boulevards, a great public transport system, and a sophisticated European feel. It’s also modernizing at a rapid rate; one major infrastructure project has diverted a four-mile highway connection underground to improve traffic flow, developing parks and plazas on the reclaimed land.

Argentina is only one or two hours ahead of US Eastern Time, and English is widely spoken in the business and software development communities – part of the picture that makes outsourcing so attractive here.

Want the latest scoop on Argentina and other hot Latin American nearshoring destinations?

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Our travels to Buenos Aires covered on-site evaluations with three software outsourcing firms as the final step in our partner verification process. We met with senior leadership, toured their office sites and held onboarding sessions. We got down to business as due diligence requires, properly vetting and verifying our partners. 

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Our partners couldn't have been more welcoming. We enjoyed getting to know them in person - after all those Zoom calls! The Accelerance assessment team started each partner visit with a kickoff meeting and then spent time capturing video interviews with team members, touring the facility and observing engineering teams in action. We had the opportunity to bond with team members over lunch.

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But it’s not just about checking off technical items on a list. We wanted to get a feel for the business climate as well as experience the local culture - so that we can provide our clients with a well-rounded view of the partner's local environment. 

Beyond the business district, we visited historical sites throughout the city such as the obelisk, a historic monument framed by the landscaped letters "BA". We couldn't miss out on attending a polo match - the classic sport of Argentina. They say there's no better place than Buenos Aires to experience this sport.

After a week immersed in the vibrant Argentinian business and culture, we felt like locals!


Our discussions with our partners confirmed the prep work we had done for our trip that showed the tech industry is clearly thriving in Argentina. Among the reasons are:

  • Argentina has both an advanced economy and a very talented pool of tech-savvy and well-educated programmers.

  • The country’s cultural similarities with the West make their teams extremely easy to work with.

  • Argentinian employees possess a can-do attitude and knack for discovering innovative solutions that directly result from their desire to make things work with the tools and materials at their disposal. In fact, they have a saying, “Lo atamos con alambre”, which translates literally as “tying it with wire.”.In other words, “Just make it work!”

Outsource with Confidence with Accelerance

Accelerance travels the world to simplify your search for the best offshore companies – and we’re impressed with what Argentina has to offer. If you’re interested in outsourcing your software development, talk with an Accelerance advisor to find out more.

For the latest analysis on outsourcing opportunities in Argentina, check out our 2022 Latin America Guide to Software Outsourcing.

Ryan Schauer

Ryan Schauer

As Accelerance's Partner Success Manager, Ryan is responsible for building partnerships and quality management of Accelerance’s global software outsourcing network. He maintains a working knowledge of in-demand technologies, industries, strategies and practices relating to software development outsourcing. He has more than 10 years of managing software development projects, all with globally distributed teams. His experience includes enterprise project management with Bank of America focusing on core technology platforms and systems.

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