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June 7, 2017

Hello, Nice to Meet You: DeveloperWeek NY and Your 3,000 CTOs and Software Engineers

Later this month, I’m headed to the definitive East Coast DevTech conference and exposition – DeveloperWeek NY, June 19-21, Brooklyn Expo Center (#DevWeekNY) – to speak, exhibit and meet with 3,000+ CTOs, executives, software directors, DevOps pros and developers / engineers.

It’s New York City’s largest developer conference and expo – and one of the biggest software events nationwide. This will be Accelerance’s first-time attending the event, a two-day conference and expo that’ll feature a 300-person hackathon, 30+ exhibits with the hottest dev technologies and services (Accelerance will be among the exhibitors; booth No. 102), and 100+ visionary talks and technical workshops.

The event invites all CTOs and developers (especially from the East Coast) to “acquire a landscape view of all the tools and technologies that supercharge development.” And no doubt, I’ll be there with the Accelerance team, to share ideas about supercharging development through outsourcing. We’ll also share a preview of Accelerance’s new platform that connects enterprises and SMBs with qualified, world-class software outsourcing companies. The new platform changes everything about how enterprises and CTOs approach global software development.

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DeveloperWeek Hot Topic: Outsourcing Development

DeveloperWeek NY will not only cover every new developer technology and innovation (such as the Accelerance platform, app development in general, DevOps, dev management and FinTech dev), but it’ll help CTOs and development executives solve key software management issues, such as finding and hiring of team members or outsourcing to a software development team.

Of course, CTOs know all too well that the software developer shortage in the United States is real. And that shortage puts enterprises in jeopardy. If there’s not enough software talent, how will innovation leaders find and hire their software team, to take their enterprise to its next level of growth? My session at DeveloperWeek NYC will touch-on outsourced software development as the solution to the developer shortage, and it’ll look at managing outsourced development and avoiding missteps and mistakes.

Don’t Miss It: DeveloperWeek NYC Session

OPEN TALK: Outsource Well or Else! Managing Outsourced Software Development – Avoiding Missteps & Mistakes

Presented by Steve Mezak, Founder and CEO of Accelerance

Wednesday June 21, 2017 2 - 2:25 p.m. - Expo Stage A

In the session, I’ll also tell my story of managing a year-long personal journey to develop a two-sided online business platform, using an outsourced software design and development team. As a software expert who knows a lot about outsourcing, I still encountered numerous missteps and mistakes on my own software outsourcing journey. In fact, I selected the “wrong” software provider…twice. In my DeveloperWeek session, I’ll share how I handled it and the inevitable “course corrections” along the way – to fix a bad user interface, major security flaws and to adopt a DevOps approach.

Attendees will also discover how to select and manage an outsourced development team, including which parts are easier and which are more difficult than managing your own internal team. In the end, DeveloperWeek NY attendees will walk away from my session with the knowledge of what to look for and what to avoid when outsourcing software development.

Exclusive Access to the Accelerance Platform

Throughout DeveloperWeek, the Accelerance team will also be inviting qualified tech leaders to participate in the Beta release of its new platform. It’s a brand new way for CTOs to connect with trusted, pre-vetted global software outsourcing companies; thus mitigating risk.

Sure, there are other platforms where you can find software freelancers and outsourcing companies. But, no one does the due diligence that Accelerance does. We’ve traveled the world for more than 15 years to certify teams of highly-qualified engineers, based on more than 200 due-diligence data points. We did this to help CTOs make an informed software outsourcing decision, so they can bypass risk, ramp-up quickly with outstanding software teams, and scale over time (adding or subtracting developers as needs change).

The Accelerance platform is perfect for enterprises that want a team of highly qualified engineers, as an extension of your staff – not just a couple of independent freelancers. It’s ideal for SMBs that want to outsource with confidence and cut their search for a world-class team from five months to five days. The platform easily allows CTOs to conduct their own search for a software service provider from among the more than 6,000 global software teams vetted by Accelerance.

No one else has done that.

Join the Beta Platform and Win a Spark DJI Drone

We invite you to attend my Open Talk at DeveloperWeek NY, “Managing Outsourced Software Development – Avoiding Missteps & Mistakes,” at 2 p.m. on June 21, to learn more. And visit our booth (No. 102) for exclusive, invitation-only access to the Accelerance Beta platform. Beta users are eligible to win a Spark DJI Drone!  

Remember: Accelerance is changing everything about how clients find highly qualified global software teams.

Get Your Complimentary OPEN DEV Pass to DeveloperWeek (a $249 Value)

Courtesy of Accelerance

(a Limited Number of Passes Are Available, So Act Quickly)

Get your pass


Steve Mezak is founder and CEO of Accelerance, a leader in global software development outsourcing, as well as the author of Software Without Borders co-author of Outsource or Else: How a VP of Software Saved His Company, and a CIO columnist. A technical entrepreneur and internationally recognized software expert and speaker, Mezak’s company connects enterprises that need software development services with the most qualified outsourcing firms around the globe. Download additional insights and eBooks on outsourcing software development at the Accelerance Resources page.

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