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How to Find A Software Outsourcing Company Worth Hiring

By Andy Hilliard | April 26, 2018

You need a lot of software developed ...and what company doesn’t? Looking over your initiatives for product development, your bulging roadmap, new technologies you need to embrace, and the backlog of feature requests that keep piling up by the week, the obvious question is: what’s your next move for production

Your choices are: continue to move at your current pace and build your team and internal skills over time and at premium cost -- not to mention the “cost of slow” -- or outsource to a software factory that can deliver what you need quickly, effectively and on demand.

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Global software development is the solution that more and more companies are turning to in the face of business drivers that demand capacity, speed-to-market solutions that outpace the competition and lower labor costs.

The question every company wants answered is: who are the best companies for software outsourcing and how do I find them?

The Accelerance Process to Software Outsourcing



Finding the right Software Outsourcing Company on Your Own (aka DIY Outsourcing)

In a global market awash with world-class developers (and some not-so-great developers), finding the RIGHT ones for your software is tough if you search on your own. Your choices for finding a company to work with for your do-it-yourself (DIY) outsourcing are:

  1. Ask a friend or colleague who they hired
  2. Dig through all those emails you’ve received from offshore vendors over the years
  3. Open a google search for “best software outsourcing companies”

Then what? How will you choose?

With thousands of confusing options, risky unknowns, tepid qualifications to sort through, as well as the hundreds of hours of effort needed and the travel for face-to-face visits, the stakes are high. Could I make a mistake? Could I risk my software and its profitability by outsourcing to the wrong developers? Indeed, some software companies operate with no hiring or training standards, no oversight or support, no guaranteed retention or continuity, no insurance and no easy way to scale or organize.

You would think that somebody would’ve created a database of every software outsourcing company and scored them based on their technical abilities (and not over-inflated, easy to manipulate reviews from the crowd).

It’s your lucky day.

We have the database you need: The Accelerance Global Network

Investigating software companies around the world is what we do. The Accelerance research team has reviewed more than 8,000 software outsourcing companies to develop our network of highly vetted partners across 15 time zones, and with focused expertise in both traditional and emerging technologies in more than 60 industries.

Accelerance sets the standard for software outsourcing best practices and due diligence research. Our clients work with software companies perfectly aligned to their technical needs and who can be trusted to deliver.

All Accelerance Partners:

  • Have a proven track record of success with a client based comprised of 80-85% client-based English-speaking clients in North American, UK and Australia
  • Demonstrate excellence in coding standards, technologies and industries
  • Range in size from 50 to 800 developers, they’re big enough to scale, yet small enough to give your software the attention you deserve
  • Speak English and most of the leadership has been educated in North American universities
  • Are committed to best practices in recruiting, hiring and employee training and build a “Silicon Valley” culture in their offices


The Accelerance Global Network is the fastest, most reliable way to find a software outsourcing company to work with. By selecting your partner from our highly certified global network, we ensure that you identify and retain the ideal team for your development needs and reduce your risk in the process.

Identify a High Quality Outsourcing Partner

The Accelerance Rapid Referral ™ is the fastest, most reliable way to identify a highly-qualified, trustworthy global outsourcing partner. Your customized, free Rapid Referral report from Accelerance gives you a perfectly matched shortlist of verified and trusted outsourcing companies for your software needs. Find the perfect team to fit your software needs.

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