Insights | Include offshore software development in your end-of-year plan

Include offshore software development in your end-of-year plan

By Andy Hilliard | August 18, 2016

It’s officially September and for most of us, vacations are over and it’s back to work. With Q3 coming to a close and planning for 2018 in the air, someone up the company food chain may be asking: Are you going to meet your 2017 objectives? Is our software development aiming high enough? Do you have a plan in place to achieve even more in 2018? Offshore software development might help you get there.

Going offshore doesn’t automatically save you money. Due diligence is key in choosing a offshore software development firm that matches your company goals and culture the best. Outsourcing done wrong can cost just as much as not outsourcing at all!

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Offshore Software Development Best Practices

Offshore software development brings the best engineering talent in the world to your product and delivers speed, innovation and the most current technologies for a fraction of the cost and time it would take to source local talent. But only when you do it the right way.

What does outsourcing done right look like? Accelerance outsourcing experts have spent 15 years traveling the globe, interviewing and certifying offshore software development companies. We’ve learned a few things about how to identify a qualified outsourcing company and how to manage them. You’ll want to look for:

  • 3 positive references for the technologies you need AND your industry
  • Excellent English-speaking and communication skills
  • Time zones that provide a work-day overlap that works for your team
  • Best practices for code, methodology and business
  • A balanced mix of senior and junior talent working on your software
  • Company size that easily scales and provides flexibility
  • Maximize your software development budget

Facing budget cuts? No problem. By outsourcing software development, even tight budgets pack more power than ever. Imagine software that meets all current best practices with a fantastic UX, and fulfills your company vision. Offshore software development opens new opportunities for value and profitability as you face end-of-year numbers or head into planning meetings.

The impact that outsourcing software development has on your software budget is immediate and profound. It’s tempting to think about all the money you’ll save with offshore software development companies, but it’s rarely just about that. Instead, focus on the value-per-dollar that offshore software development consistently delivers.

Plan your roadmap and deliver

How great would it feel to celebrate the launch of every roadmap feature promised as you close out the year? The advantages of outsourcing software development to your timeline can’t be overstated. Good offshore software development companies bring instant speed, innovation, and best practices to your software. Take advantage of the deep pools of talent and experience offered with outsourcing.

Good offshore software development companies offer highly qualified teams from 10 to 1000 ready to build the features and functions your users have been waiting for. Name your technology, name your industry, there’s an offshore software development company more than capable of taking your software across the finish line.

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