Insights | Join Accelerance at Nexus 2017, May 23-24, for a Platform of Provocative Talks on Nearshore Outsourcing

Join Accelerance at Nexus 2017, May 23-24, for a Platform of Provocative Talks on Nearshore Outsourcing

By Andy Hilliard | May 23, 2017

Accelerance is headed to the Google Quad in Mountain View, Calif., May 23 – 24 for Nexus 2017. The conference is the preeminent gathering of executives to tackle the complex topics regarding the nearshoring of software development, IT, business-process services and customer care to Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The event, presented by Nearshore Americas, features thought-leaders from Silicon Valley to outspoken entrepreneurs, nearshore service providers, leading enterprises, expert analysts and more. Among those presenting and exhibiting will be Accelerance – one of the event’s Alliance Partners. 

Nearshoring Challenges and Victories

Accelerance Founder and CEO Steve Mezak will moderate a panel session called “Lessons from the Frontline,” a roundup of lessons learned from cross-border partnerships. During the session, attendees will hear from leaders who have spearheaded outsourcing initiatives, their challenges and their victories. Some of the panelists will include: Hui Wu-Curtis, senior director of customer care strategy within Shared Services for Choice Hotels, and Karl Rottmann, senior director of IT at Cylance.

At the event, Accelerance will share why companies outsource software development, the benefits, and how Accelerance helps enterprises simplify the process of selecting world-class, pre-vetted software outsourcing providers.

A Platform for Provocative Talks on Nearshoring

Over the last seven years, Nexus has had some highly provocative and informative talks on nearshore outsourcing. And for enterprises that are reluctant to outsource, Nexus offers a great deal of knowledge to help companies make informed decisions about outsourcing to Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Why Latin America for outsourcing software development? Many CTOs and technology leaders are turning to Latin America for software outsourcing for a variety of benefits, including access to world-class talent. Nexus 2017 covers this, and is an ideal event to learn more. Overall, Latin American countries have jumped on the software outsourcing bandwagon, and many Latin American governments encourage it and offer incentives and training to support the growth of local technology outsourcing services. And because of Latin America’s close proximity to North American clients, these countries compete favorably with India, China and other outsourcing destinations. In fact, Accelerance routinely connects enterprises with the best software development firms in Latin America (and beyond).

Education is also helping the case for outsourcing to Latin America. Universities in the region have robust IT programs and yield enough programmers to easily honor software outsourcing commitments. 

Although outsourcing costs tend to be higher in Latin America than in other regions, outsourcing and enterprises’ software development to Latin American countries remains a bargain compared to hiring a programming team in North America.

In terms of workday overlap between North and South America, the nearness of time zones allows for highly-collaborative software-development methodologies like Agile and Scrum. Other key advantages of nearshore development in Latin America include excellent English-language skills and cultural similarities

Don’t Miss Nexus 2017

To learn more about issues related to nearshoring software development (as well as IT, business-process services and customer care) to Latin America and the Caribbean, register for Nexus 2017. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from Steve Mezak and chat with Accelerance in person.

Accelerance will exhibit at Nexus 2017 and be amongst leading-edge companies and executives representing: BelatrixChartioCylanceFreshdeskiTexicoKellogg CompanyMEXICOITNearshore Delivery SolutionsPew ResearchPwC CanadaQS2 PointQualfonTata Consultancy Services and Wizeline, among many others.

Many “Googlers,” or Google employees, will also be on hand at the event.

Highlights of Nexus 2017 topics include: product development for early-stage startups; cross-border case studies with unique achievements in innovation; orienting sourcing delivery models utilizing robotic process automation and artificial intelligence; the influence of politics on the future of Silicon Valley and outsourcing; newly developing nearshore IT and business-process outsourcing hubs; and outstanding nearshore customer experience cases using omni-channel platforms, among other topics. 

And for enterprises and CTOs that are ready to outsource software development, Accelerance’s new Software Outsourcing Due Diligence Guide presents key areas to consider, what to look for when vetting a potential partner, and questions a company should ask. The free guide can be downloaded here.

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