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August 28, 2018

Offshore Software Development in Poland

Accelerance specializes in understanding the world’s software outsourcing landscape. We’ve been traveling the world investigating the best offshore and nearshore outsourcing firms for almost 20 years. We have relationships with software outsourcing companies in Poland representing over 2,000 software engineers.

Why We Like Poland for Software Outsourcing

Accelerance evaluates and scores countries in Central and Eastern Europe for outsourcing readiness. After our investigation of outsourced software development companies in Poland, this country receives a “high readiness” outsourcing score from us.

  • Language: Although Polish is the national language, English is widely spoken. Poland is one of the most US-friendly countries in that region of Europe.
  • Politics: Poland has a stable democratic government and very good relations with the US and other western countries.
  • Economic Stability: Poland has a strong economy. It is estimated to grow at 3.6% in 2018 and over 3% again in 2019. US and World Report ranked Poland as one of the best foreign countries to invest in.
  • Programming Talent: Poland was recently ranked as #4 globally for best developer talent (just ahead of the US ranked at #5.)
  • Education & Skills: For decades, Poland’s education system has been highly respected worldwide. About 40,000 workers in Poland graduate each year in information and communication technologies (about the same number as in Russia).
  • Hourly rates: Typical programmer rates are $60-$70 per hour. This is higher than many places in Asia, but are competitive with Western Europe and still lower than US rates.

Poland is Tech Focused

Poland is well-positioned to be a major provider of global software development. Poland has established technology development centers to create even more technology jobs. US companies including IBM, Intel, and Google and Oracle have employed teams of software developers in Poland for many years. The number of Polish citizens employed in tech are 250,000 or more, depending on the statistics you use.

We have found that the software development talent in Poland is diverse. Many software outsourcing companies in Poland have impressive, global references for B2C, eCommerce, mobile and general web development. If you investigate software outsourcing in Poland, you’ll find iOS / Android mobile development, front-end developers skilled in Python, Ruby on Rails and Java, and plenty of backend database expertise.

Poland Incentivizes Tech Companies

Technology companies are rewarded for doing business in Poland. The government has established about 14 Special Economic Zones (SEZ) across the country. Companies receive tax exemptions or other financial aid to establish businesses an SEZ. Technology companies are regularly courted for these areas. In short, Poland is a great place to find software development talent.

Things to Consider When Working with Software Outsourcing Companies in Poland

Software outsourcing to companies in Poland is a good approach for your software development. But you must consider – then manage – differences and risks that come with offshore outsourcing in Poland.

Polish Culture is more Formal

US companies gain superior talent at cost-savings when outsourcing to Poland. However, be aware of some culture dynamics. By US standards, Poles are a bit more stiff and formal in business relationships. They are very sensitive to titles, especially academic ones such as “professor” or “doctor”.

6 Hour Time Zone Difference from NYC

Be aware that time zone differences can be an issue for US companies. Poland is 6 hours ahead of the US Eastern time zone. A typical flight to Poland from New York will be 17 hours. Businesses based in Western Europe will only have an hour’s difference in the work day with outsourcing partners in Poland.

Keep time zone differences in mind when choosing a development company to work with. The best software outsourcing companies in the Poland have key tech leaders available during US business hours.

Work with an experienced, domestic project manager

Companies are more successful when they use a project manager who has experience working with development teams in the Poland. Over our years in the industry, we’ve seen companies succeed with outsourcing - and, unfortunately, we’ve seen companies struggle. That’s why we work to help your company reduce risk,  protect your investment and drive your software outsourcing success.

Accelerance Coach is the only service of its kind in the industry that ensures your outsourcing succeeds. All business goals are met. Highest possible value is achieved from your outsourcing investment. With our Coach services, we help plan your entire software outsourcing engagement. We match you with the best partner for your needs and your company. We can walk with you through the entire engagement - from kickoff to closure.

Best Cities in Poland for Software Development Outsourcing

Poland is a significant Eastern European country. It offers a very healthy economy, stable government, and strong ties to the United States.

From our experience - Poznań, Warsaw, and Gliwice are the major cities for software companies in Poland. Here’s what we see in each city.


Poznań is a city on the Warta River in west-central Poland. It is one of the most populated regions - with over ½ million residents in the city. Poznań is an important cultural and business center. Many software companies supporting global customers are based here.


Warsaw, the nation’s capital, is probably the most famous city in Poland. Almost completely destroyed during WWII, the rebuilt vibrant city with modern skyscrapers and infrastructure is now home to many global technology firms. Warsaw citizens are highly urbanized, and highly educated. Where your need is for mobile development, web development, or database design, Warsaw has plenty of outsourced software development choices.


Located in southern Poland (and close to Krakow) Gliwice is highly industrialized, including coal mining, steel, and chemical production. The area has over 2 million residents. Gliwice is also home to most departments of the prestigious Silesian University of Technology. Not surprising, we also found the Gliwice is an outstanding location for software development companies.

Gdansk Region

The Gdansk Region of Poland includes the cities of Gdynia and Sopot. Located on a major harbor on the Bering Sea, this Poland’s hub for shipping commerce.  This busy commercial region has several companies with software outsourcing capabilities worth investigating. Nearly 60,000 students are studying at fifteen universities and academies in the area. So, local employers have a continual stream of new talent entering the marketplace.

Discover the Best Software Outsourcing Companies in Poland

We’ve investigated over 8,000 software outsourcing vendors around the world. It’s a fact that 97% of software vendors won’t meet your standards. Only the top 3% of our exclusive global network meet the criteria to fit Western business outsourcing needs. Learn which companies in Poland meet Accelerance standards.

Talk to the Leader in Software Outsourcing

Accelerance helps technology leaders create effective strategies for global software outsourcing through better planning, better partner selection and better ongoing management. Accelerance delivers a proven methodology for outsourcing that manages risk and optimizes results.

Talk to Accelerance about your software outsourcing needs.

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