Insights | Software Outsourcing: Not All Referrals Are Created Equal

Software Outsourcing: Not All Referrals Are Created Equal

By Mike McAuliffe | November 21, 2014

Not_All_Referrals_Are_Created_EqualChoosing an outsource partner for your software development is not easy. So many countries, so many languages, so many cultures, so many ideas on what a “Senior” Developer is. With all these options, business executives often have little choice but to ask for referrals.

Asking for a referral is a logical move in many aspects of your life, whether you need a tailor, a stockbroker, a house painter, a plumber, etc. It can also work in finding a software development outsourcing partner. Who you ask is critical: not all referrals are created equal.

Success on One Project Doesn’t Mean Success on Another

A favorable review is helpful, but be careful not to over-rely on it. Just because a company performed well on one project does not mean they will on yours. Best to get as many data points as possible before making a decision. But, how?

How about asking a friend who has worked repeatedly with a group over an extended period of time, on a variety of projects? That friend is Accelerance.

Your Project is Special

A referral makes most sense when it is for the exact same good or service you are looking for. Anything less than this and you are going on trust.

Your software development project contains subtleties that must be accounted for, including your individual work habits and pressures, that shape delivery expectations and timetables. We review your company’s goals and strengths and examine the specifics of your outsourced project. Only when these have been thoroughly accounted for do we begin to make a referral.

For instance, do you need fast ramp-up for your project? Do you need compatibility across multiple device platforms? How do you see the development day going: overlapping, extended, or around-the-clock? What is your development methodology? Do you need industry expertise?

Don’t Overlook Culture

Whether hiring someone to work in your office or work remotely, preserving team culture is vital. Especially when dealing with pressured deadlines, you need to make sure person(s) you are bringing in can complement the group, not detract from it.

This can be summed up in a series of “hard” and “soft” criteria that Acclerance discovers as part of its project review. These are somewhat “off resume,” getting more into personal work habits, beyond technical abilities. “Punctuality” may be vital to you, or “flexibility” may be more important. You may wish to constantly monitor your team or simply be happy that deadlines are met. You may want your group to follow explicit instructions, or be able to “figure it out” as they go along. You may value a sense of humor on your team, or be more task oriented.

What type of person excels in your environment? Hiring a group that does not fit your culture could be detrimental to the overall success of the project.

How Accelerance’s Referral Process is Different

We can look at every aspect of your project and then match you with the right outsourced team. We create a scorecard based on this information, which allows us to identify two to three Accelerance Partners that work best for your business. We then refer you to these groups.

Accelerance’s referrals are based upon our thorough knowledge of our Partners (including a detailed onsite inspection) and our personal experience with their work product over an extended time period. Our referrals are not based on anecdotal evidence, but facts, real research, and direct experience.

Our certified partners have different skill-sets and capabilities. Some are experts at designing secure IT structures; others can design mobile apps for Windows Mobile OS, while others are experts in different languages such as Java or C++.

It’s Objective

In the end, the Accelerance referral process is objective. While making a decision based upon a personal referral seems good, it is not the way to handle your company’s software development. You want a referral from a visible leader in the industry that will take you through a thorough and independent process, allowing you to select a company that delivers exactly what you want.

Our referral process is why software companies turn to our outsourcing consultancy time after time. If you want to make sure you get the right company for your project, we’re here to help.


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