Insights | Spotlight on Ukraine: Software Development in Lviv, the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe

Spotlight on Ukraine: Software Development in Lviv, the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe

By Ryan Schauer | October 21, 2020

Almost every city with a solid tech scene draws comparisons with Silicon Valley. The iconic California region is synonymous with a mature software industry, tech innovation and growth, a superior engineering culture and plenty of job opportunities that draw both young and seasoned developers in droves.

With Lviv, the comparison is justified – WhatsAppfounder Jan Doum and Paypal co-founder Max Levchin are both from this beautiful city in western Ukraine. 

Companies such as Samsung, Oracle and Microsoft have already discovered the talent and cost savings available in Ukraine, establishing offshore offices here. This reflects the country’s market maturity in custom software development, but with an engineering workforce expected to reach 200,000 by the end of 2020, there’s plenty of software talent to go around. 

On previous trips, we’d been to the capital Kiev/Kyiv, as well as Kharkiv, and discovered that a combination of tax incentives and a relatively high income make software development an attractive career choice. Russian is the main language in Kiev and the eastern part of the country, but all the developers and IT professionals we met spoke good English, and many Ukrainians now identify more strongly with the West than with Soviet Europe. 

This time, we flew from Warsaw to Lviv. The company we had come to vet and verify is the largest tech firm in western Ukraine, with the ability to ramp up large, dedicated teams in a matter of weeks. Their software testing, QA, design and development programs for startups were impressive – not to mention the free massages on offer to every employee. Seriously.

software-outsourcing-ukraine-eastern-europe{ We got the opportunity to celebrate the Easter season outside of St. Sophia's Cathedral. These custom ornate eggs are decorated around the square to pay homage to the religious holiday. }

The city feels like a college town, crawling with technology and energy students. On the outskirts, we found modern offices with tight security – a striking juxtaposition to the rich history and tradition that had surrounded us in the Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with cobblestone streets and ancient ruins that date back to the 13th century.

IMG_9046{ St. Sophia's Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine }

Travel blogs often refer to Lviv as “Little Paris”, a walkable city famous for its museums, churches, coffee and incredible chocolate. There is truly something here for everyone, from history, architecture and opera to rock bands, a beer museum, and hidden basement cafes that will set your world on fire.


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