Insights | Spotlight on Pakistan: Ideal for Outsourcing .NET, Java and other Tech Stacks

Spotlight on Pakistan: Ideal for Outsourcing .NET, Java and other Tech Stacks

By Andy Hilliard | March 29, 2017

Ok. We know what you’re thinking: Seriously? Why would I want to outsource software development to Pakistan?

That’s exactly why we went to investigate. Our team of software travelers is interested in innovation and finding the absolute best software providers in the world, regardless of location. And with Pakistan, we hit the jackpot.

We found all kinds of software goodness

Our first clue that we should visit Pakistan as a software development outsourcing region was the large number of large familiar brands already there. Major companies like Coca-Cola, Honeywell, and Groupon have already discovered software development in Pakistan. This could only mean software goodness for the mid-market of companies looking for high-quality teams.

The tumultuous political climate in Pakistan is a double-edged sword: hazardous conditions within the country make travel to certain areas risky, and yet the fast growth of I.T. technology has given rise to a wealth of inexpensive and high-quality options for offshore development in Pakistan. Our team was perfectly safe in Lahore. 

In fact, it’s Pakistan’s tumultuous nature that makes it ideal for outsourcing on a budget. While quality is comparable to that found from top programmers in India, there’s less demand in Pakistan. The offshore software companies in Pakistan are a great choice for outsourcing development in standard technology stacks like .NET and Java.

We didn't visit Pakistan to vet the politics. We’re looking for software outsourcing companies you can trust to deliver. Top quality and less demand makes Pakistan a must-consider region for offshore software development.

Pakistan as an International business center

Pakistan’s business roots go back to being part of the Southern branch of the Silk Road. Trade, globalization and the mixing of cultures is an inherent part of Pakistan’s DNA. Their roots as a British colony created a foundation of English common law, which means Pakistan’s legal and business practices are align with the expectations of Western/American clients looking to outsource.

English is the language of business and administration. English skills are excellent in Pakistan and Pakistani professionals understand U.S. business culture. Software outsourcing firms especially have had a significant amount of exposure to the global market and have grown comfortable working with Americans, Europeans, Asians and Middle Easterners.

Internationally, Pakistan attracts high levels of foreign interest, with China alone investing billions on infrastructure, including the development of a new deepwater port, new power stations, a gas pipeline to Central Asia and rebuilding the Karakoram highway which runs from Lahore, Pakistan to Kashgar in Western China.

Tech focus and outsourcing rates 

Pakistan is showing meteoric growth in the IT and software development sectors.The country has been developing fast, famously beating out its regional rivals for grants to research mobile software development. The New York Times even characterized Pakistan as one of the new software hubs of the middle-east, with some impressive stats to back it up:

  • 1,500 registered IT companies
  • 10,000 new IT graduates enter the workforce each year

And to top it off, average rates for software development teams in Pakistan are 20% less than India. So, think about it. A deep pool of technical talent, English skills, and cultural affinity with U.S. business culture ... you see why we thought it was time to investigate.

Plan to visit your software partner in Pakistan

Once you identify your Pakistan outsourcing partner, you’ll definitely want to visit - not only to meet the team you’ll be working with and company leadership, but also to experience the rich local and national culture.

The easiest way to get to Pakistan is via the Middle East (e.g. Dubai, Abu Dhabi). Most major U.S. cities have direct flights to Dubai, and from there it’s a short 2-hour flight to Lahore, Pakistan.

Most professionals we spoke to live with their joint family (in-laws, grandparents and sometimes even their sibling’s families). This cultural affinity for family and togetherness extends to visitors and strangers through their amazing hospitality. During your visit to Pakistan, you’ll likely find it difficult to pay for meals, and don’t be surprised when you’re invited to many different outings, even weddings (like we were on this visit!)

For the thrill seeker, there’s also the mountain climber’s dream: K2. The second highest peak only to Mount Everest, K2 has a reputation for being a dangerous, difficult, and an epic adventure. It takes around 60 days to reach the summit, so don’t expect to tackle it on your due diligence site visit, but the Karakoram mountain range is an amazing sight if you get the chance.

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