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Hiring Trends for Software Engineers

By Andy Hilliard | May 27, 2015

Hiring trends, new growth in specific software markets, and increasing demand for tech grads are all hugely important areas that software companies need to focus on to remain competitive.

Hiring Trends Software Engineers

Here is a guide to the biggest trends you need to stay on top of in order to attract the right talent to your own software company, and keep producing the products that do great on the market.

Demand is Expected to Increase

First, it’s important to realize just how big hiring demand is expected to be. In fact, a reported 20 percent increase is predicted across the U.S. for web developers by 2022. New tech developments, including in areas of cloud development, wearable tech, new security services, and the growth in the Internet of Things will lead to new job titles developing and new areas of demand that could lead to talent shortages.

Companies are currently looking for younger and more tech savvy grads, and this trend is only expected to accelerate. To attract these valuable candidates, software developers are hosting hackathons, sponsoring coding events, creating buzz around their products, and promoting their brand in a way that attracts younger developers. The key for your company is ensuring you are well poised to attract the best talent out there, whether it’s domestically or performing a search at the global level.


Security will continue to be an area that sees increased demand going into the future. IT security services, identification of security vulnerabilities, eliminating malware, and halting identify theft are all areas that will feature billions in spending from companies over the coming years. That means job demand in these areas is also expected to grow, especially considering the amount of hacking attacks and security issues that developed during 2014.

This also means that companies will not only be looking to hire software engineers and developers who can produce the security products of tomorrow, but they also want developers that can be trusted with sensitive data and access to company networks.

Areas of Focus

The manner in which technology develops continues to play a large role in how hiring demand will grow and in which specific areas it will grow. Here are some tech fields where hiring demand is expected to grow going into the future:
  • Mobile App development – Mobile apps continue to be a strong growth area, with companies actively seeking out engineers and software and QA engineers who know how to produce quality consumer facing and enterprise app across iOS, Android and Microsoft platforms.
  • Web applications – Web applications that can work across a variety of platforms and allow access to important files, data and tasks from basically anywhere are becoming essential. Developers and QA engineers who understand web-based application languages such as Ruby, Java and ASP are needed in order for companies to adapt to this trend.
  • Cloud – Cloud storage, cloud-based applications, and cloud solutions that integrate old systems into the cloud are all essential for businesses and consumers alike. Software engineers who understand how to build cloud applications are increasingly in demand.
  • Social Media – Building apps that make it easier to share, connect and interact across social media platforms are going to be some of the most in-demand applications on the web. Companies want to be a part of this wave, and they want software engineers to produce social media applications that make it happen.

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