Insights | What Platform Should You Develop Mobile Apps For in this Fast-Evolving Market?

What Platform Should You Develop Mobile Apps For in this Fast-Evolving Market?

By Andy Hilliard | January 28, 2013

What platform should you develop for? The market was once straight-forward with BlackBerry, Apple and Android filling up the space.

What_Platform_Should_You_Develop_Mobile_Apps_ForToday while Apple and Android account for 85 percent of the mobile market, recent surveys have shown demand for Windows and BlackBerry is all but dead. Companies no longer have the luxury of developing for a single platform if they want to remain relevant in the mobile world.

In the early days of mobile-app development, people might still remember BREW, Symbian and Java ME, but with the advent of smartphones, the choices started to simplify: If you were targeting enterprise business users, you developed for BlackBerry; if you were developing for any other user, you developed for iOS. Then Android entered the picture, and now Windows has started to show its head.

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