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Cost-Saving Leads to 65% Reduction for Healthcare IT Services Company

Saving on operational costs.


This important client is a well-known and powerful provider of health technology solutions and services in the US. They help federal, state, and local agencies provide care to vulnerable community members.

Their expertise and dedication are crucial in ensuring that those who need it most receive the highest quality healthcare services available. However, they needed to outsource IT consulting services to remedy solutions for their challenges.


The client had trouble finding skilled workers due to the high demand for software development services. These workers needed to meet the client's strict job requirements.

They needed to quickly add a new team of skilled software engineers without causing any problems for their current work. They needed to solve this problem efficiently.

They had to find a cheap way to quickly put together a team that could achieve great outcomes.


The team consisted of various positions, including Senior Software Architect, Senior Solutions Architect, .Net Developers, Performance Testers, and Cloud Engineers.

Despite the challenge of filling hard-to-find roles, our partner was able to hire 24 full-time employees within just three months. The team continues to grow under our partner's support.

Our partner monitors the team's performance to ensure consistent delivery, within the set standards and timeframes.

Our partner helped the client find and build a good software development team by giving them expert advice.

Overall, this highlights how our partner’s expertise in software development team building and talent acquisition can help companies achieve their goals and grow their business.

Using their experience and tools, the company efficiently built their software team and ensured success.


The client used our partner's IT consulting services for talent acquisition. As a result, we were able to attract and hire good candidates quickly. This helped us reduce our hiring time and efficiently fill the talent gap.

With help from our Accelerance partner, they now have 24/7 IT support. This has made our business operations more efficient and reduced downtime.

Cost Savings: The company saved 65% on operational costs. By partnering with our partner, the company improved its processes, cut costs, and saved money.