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Eliminate 100% of the Risk and Hassle of Software Outsourcing

Deciding to outsource is not an easy decision for many companies.

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Software Without Borders

Many people know about the promise of outsourcing—lower costs and accelerated completion of programming projects and software products. And yet deciding to outsource is not an easy decision for many companies. 

Studies have shown that more than half of outsourced work fails to meet financial goals. So have all the problems, risks, and dangers really been eliminated? Is it safe for you to outsource your software development? 

This step-by-step guide will help answer your questions about making the decision to outsource, as well as highlighting the process for finding and selecting the right outsource partner.

In this book, you will discover:

  • What method makes the most sense for your software development (Should you outsource?)
  • How to find a service firm that will truly innovate to achieve your end goal and not just code
  • Practical solutions to problems that arise while outsourcing
  • Which country you should outsource your development work to
  • How to protect your intellectual property while outsourcing