Insights | Accelerance Announces the Opening of a New Office in Melbourne, Australia

Accelerance Announces the Opening of a New Office in Melbourne, Australia

By Andy Hilliard | August 1, 2018

Charlotte, N.C. JULY 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Accelerance, the global software outsourcing authority, announced the opening of a new office in Melbourne, Australia which will provide companies with guidance and critical access to the best software engineering groups in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. This global expansion positions Accelerance as the only software outsourcing advisory company of its kind with a presence in both North American and Australian markets.


From left to right, Jim Marascio, CDO, Andy Hilliard, CEO, Martin Halford, Managing Director and Abe Sahely Managing Director.

“The decision to expand into Australia and open a fourth office was a logical step in our business growth given the portfolio of Australian clients we built with no presence and the demand from the market we encountered,” said Andy Hilliard, CEO, Accelerance, “We are on a constant mission to make global, distributed software engineering a successful endeavor through proper planning, sourcing and managing techniques.”

To lead delivery and management of the new Australian branch, Accelerance brought on Martin Halford and Abe Sahely as Managing Directors, further enhancing innovation and service delivery processes in the new market. From software outsourcing planning to partner selection and relationship optimization, Accelerance and their outsourcing advisory services help companies enjoy the benefits of software outsourcing quickly and with less risk and struggle than direct outsourcing. 

Halford brings a deep background in technical leadership roles and in harnessing offshore software development as CTO of Appster, Chelsea App Factory and other innovative entities. Halford and Sahely anticipate that the expansion of the Accelerance brand in Melbourne will be extremely successful and “ up more ways for Australian companies to smartly access and leverage engineering partners and talent to further the country’s established leadership in innovation,” said Martin Halford, Managing Director. 

Sahley comes to Accelerance with over twenty years of experience leading complex digital transformation initiatives for clients within the Australian market for Accenture. He navigates the complexities of business models, organizational structure, technology platforms and delivery while providing much needed leadership within the software outsourcing lifecycle. 

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About Accelerance, Inc.

Accelerance provides professional guidance for planning, sourcing and managing global software teams. By working with Accelerance, clients tap into domestic software development leadership and the largest network of proven software outsourcing companies in the world. Accelerance has helped hundreds of clients adopt and adapt software outsourcing strategies  and has a global presence with offices in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Charleston, Charlotte and Melbourne.

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