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March 14, 2016

Accelerance Sponsors Fifth Annual “Study of Product Team Performance” by Actuation Consulting

Redwood City, CA. – February 29, 2016 – Accelerance, a leader in global software development outsourcing, today announced its sponsorship of the fifth annual “Study of Product Team Performance,” conducted by Actuation Consulting, the world’s leading product management consulting and training organization. The annual study’s goal is to help better identify factors that correlate directly with high performance on product teams, and about 1,500 organizations participated in last year’s survey. As a sponsor, Accelerance will promote the survey and expand the participation among its network of software development teams spanning across 30 countries globally.

This year’s Product Team Performance study aims to reveal factors that both contribute to the success and potentially hinder product development outcomes. Results of the study have proven to uncover data and emerging trends that are leveraged by product teams to prioritize activities more effectively. To date, the study has identified 20 factors related to high performance on product teams.

Last year’s survey also revealed the following four new key performance indicators (KPIs):

  1. Strategic decision-making aptitude: Organizations that develop and strictly follow decision-making capabilities have a significant marketplace advantage.
  2. Standup frequency: Organizations that perform frequent standup meetings are more successful.
  3. Quick problem recovery: Overall performance is directly impacted by how well teams can resolve and move past issues.
  4. User experience’s integration in the product development process: Integrating user experience into the product development process directly correlates to higher performance levels.

Additionally, results from last year’s survey uncovered the following metrics that product managers are held most accountable for:

  1. Customer satisfaction - 42.1 percent
  2. Profitability - 27.3 percent
  3. Topline revenue - 23.2 percent

 “We are pleased to have Accelerance sponsor this year’s study of high performance product teams,” said Greg Geracie, president of Actuation Consulting. “This is our fifth year conducting this widely recognized global study, and our regression analysis and findings are used as source materials for books and articles. Our regression analysis has uncovered approximately 20 factors that are highly correlated with high performance on product teams. These statistically significant factors are meaningful to product executives and team members looking to improve their organization’s performance.”

As an industry-leading provider of global software development outsourcing, Accelerance has access to thousands of software development teams globally and will help increase the survey’s international response. Last year, roughly a third of respondents came from outside of the United States.

“We’re excited to announce our participation in this year’s Product Team Performance study and look forward to leveraging our global network to help expand overall participation,” said Steve Mezak, CEO of Accelerance. “The study has produced actionable insights for product executives and teams year after year, and we’re thrilled to support the effort that has garnered such widespread industry attention.”

For more information and to take this year’s survey, visit: Last year’s findings are available for download at


About Accelerance:

Accelerance, Inc., is a leader in global software development outsourcing. Based in Redwood City, Calif., its mission is to match growing companies with international software development teams. Through its rigorous certification process, Accelerance maintains a partner network of 50 software development firms in 30 countries globally and helps clients quickly and efficiently find, evaluate and engage outsourcing software development teams. For more information, visit, or follow on Twitter @accelerance.


About Actuation Consulting:

Actuation Consulting is the world’s leading provider of product management consulting, training and advisory services. Its mission is to advance the profession of product management, and has been working tirelessly toward this goal since its founding in 2007. Actuation Consulting’s training programs combine proven expertise in product management with the thought leadership that has made its books global bestsellers. The firm provides popular training courses for product managers and product teams and publishes the worldwide Study of Product Team Performance annually. Actuation Consulting has also authored the global bestseller Take Charge Product Management and led the development of The Guide to the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK). Clients include many of the world’s most well-known organizations such as The American Hospital Association, Clear Edge Filtration, FLSmidth, Johnson & Johnson, Lebara, PointClickCare and Tactio Health Group. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @TrainandConsult.





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