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February 26, 2018

Industry Leading Global Software Firm Launches Services to Solve Software Outsourcing Challenges

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and CHARLOTTE, N.C.Feb. 22, 2018 -- Accelerance, a US-based consulting firm which helps technology leaders create and execute effective strategies for global software outsourcing, today announced the launch of new offerings that help technology and business leaders overcome a long history of mediocre software outsourcing results and achieve high-performance engagements. 

Further information on Accelerance's new offerings, software risk indicators and how to mitigate risks, is available here.

"High labor costs and local talent shortages really hurt businesses that rely on software for innovation and growth. Global outsourcing is a model that makes sense, but the problem we see is, most tech and business leaders who try outsourcing struggle - many times to the point of failure," said Steve Mezak, CEO of Accelerance. "Just because you manage an internal team of developers or hire consultants for other functional areas of your business doesn't mean you can wake up one day and manage global outsourcing. That's been the approach companies have taken for years and it's too risky. We felt it was time for a better process."

The software outsourcing advisory firm added two new suites of services to help companies mitigate risk and achieve high performance software outsourcing results by providing professional guidance in pre-engagement planning, partner selection, global team alignment, and ongoing management.

Accelerance Coach is ideal for companies who want to manage outsourcing internally, but will benefit from professional guidance to navigate the unknowns. The service package aids companies through the evaluation of potential risk areas, creation of plans to mitigate those risks and offers intensive guidance through partner selection and onboarding. Alternately, clients who want affordable, high-quality software without the learning curve and challenges of internal management can opt for Accelerance Complete, which offers dedicated management and administration in every aspect of software outsourcing.

"Early response to the new offerings has been enthusiastic," said Cathy Foster, Chief of Marketing. "There's a lot of interest because it's something no one else is offering in the market. Every company is facing some kind of software roadblock and we're excited to continue to help companies find solutions through successful outsourcing."

To lead delivery of the new services, Accelerance has hired Jim Marascio for the position of Chief Delivery Officer, further enhancing the company's product innovation and service delivery processes.

"Accelerance is passionate about delivering an innovative solution to global software outsourcing and I'm thrilled to be joining the team," said Marascio. "I'm excited to build upon the tremendous strides the team has continued to make in the industry."

As Chief Delivery Officer, Marascio will use his experience as both a former CTO and CIO who has utilized offshore partners for several projects to facilitate successful engagements between Accelerance partners and clients.

"We're excited to add a person of Jim's caliber to Accelerance," said Andy Hilliard, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Accelerance. "His experience and talent will bring tremendous value to the firm, as we continue to guide companies to  high-performance software outsourcing."

Marascio joins Accelerance with more than two decades of experience leading software and product development teams, both domestically and globally. Prior to Accelerance, Marascio served as CIO at Portrait Innovations, a retail brand operating nearly 200 stores within 40 US states. Before that, he was CTO and VP of Operations at 11Giraffes, a SaaS provider serving retail, restaurant, banking and hospitality brands, as well as government agencies and universities in more than 35 countries.

About Accelerance

Accelerance, a US-based consulting firm, helps technology leaders create effective strategies for global software outsourcing through better planning, better partner selection and better ongoing management. Unlike do-it-yourself outsourcing which can be a hit-or-miss venture, Accelerance delivers a proven methodology for outsourcing that identifies and manages risk and optimizes results so that clients gain all the benefits of high performance global partnerships.

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