Insights | Accelerance to Select and Certify the Best Software Outsourcing Providers in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka

Accelerance to Select and Certify the Best Software Outsourcing Providers in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka

By Aaron Kiel | March 19, 2017

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (March 9, 2017) – Accelerance, which connects companies that need software development services with the most qualified outsourcing firms around the globe, is about to embark on its 43rd international trip to meet with software development providers and to certify those that will become Accelerance Partners. Accelerance is first heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 9 – 12, and then Curitiba and Florianopolis, Brazil, March 13 – 19. A second trip to Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka takes place March 14 - April 7.

During these trips, Accelerance will meet with local software development providers to review their processes, metrics and best practices, as well as their recruiting and training processes, to assess their capabilities as world-class software engineers. Once these trips are complete, only the top software service providers will become a part of the Accelerance network of qualified offshore and nearshore software development partners.

Accelerance has already researched more than 6,000 software development firms to create the most curated network of thoroughly vetted software providers ever assembled. Accelerance is the only company to carefully select, visit and investigate partners from among thousands of software development firms, to ensure that client companies looking to outsource are matched with the best software engineering companies.

“When considering the use of global software services, nothing is more important than the experience and qualifications of your outsourcing partner,” said Accelerance Founder and CEO Steve Mezak, a software development expert, co-author of Outsource or Else! How a VP of Software Saved His Company and author of Software Without Borders. “Enterprises want confidence that the software outsourcing company they engage with is highly accomplished and brings deep experience to the table, so we take the time to find the best outsourcing providers with perfectly aligned technical expertise for your software. Puerto Rico, Brazil, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka all have some excellent software developers, and we’re looking forward to meeting them and bringing new revenue to their businesses and local economies.”

According to Mezak, when an enterprise or CTO decides to outsource one or more software initiatives, the next step is to find a highly-qualified software development partner to deliver. “You’re looking for technical capabilities, industry experience and a host of other criteria,” said Mezak. “Due diligence in the partner selection process makes all the difference in the success of your outsourcing engagement and, ultimately, the quality of your software. However, most companies that need software don’t have the time or resources to spend months on searching for the best partners. You don’t want to cut corners when selecting a good outsourcing partner, as you’ll likely pay for it via low quality work, missed deadlines, wasted time and resources, cost overruns, etc. That’s where Accelerance steps in. We simplify the process of finding and working with offshore, nearshore and even onshore software development companies.”

During its upcoming trips, Accelerance will conduct technical evaluations of software development providers and review: innovations the companies have implemented; project management processes; operations; security protocols and the reliability of a potential partner’s infrastructure; business culture; company history; staff recruiting, training and retention; and communication skills, among other key areas. Once vetted, a select few companies will become Accelerance-certified software providers, and they’ll be connected to companies that are looking to outsource with world-class development teams.

For enterprises and CTOs that are ready to outsource software development, Accelerance’s new Software Outsourcing Due Diligence Guide presents key areas to consider, what to look for when vetting a potential partner, and questions a company should ask. The free guide can be downloaded at


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