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Offshore Software Development in Costa Rica

In 2005, the Costa Rican government declared its intent to make their country the high-tech power house of Central America. Such a goal certainly seems attainable, given the advantages of outsourcing there. For example: It takes less than a day’s travel to get to Costa Rica from virtually any place in the United States. Because of the country’s geographic proximity to and cultural similarities with the US, Costa Rican engineers are familiar with Western business practices and standards - which makes it a top spot to outsource software.


The Costa Rican workforce is highly-educated and the country offers an excellent school and university system. More than 3,000 engineers graduate from universities each year and the literacy rate of the population is 98 percent.


Spanish is the primary language. Most engineers speak and read English reasonably well.


Costa Rica’s economy is strong and stable. The country has a high standard of living and strong ecotourism that make it a great place to visit and outsource software. Current forecasts expect the economy to expand between 4.7% - 4.8% in 2018 and again in 2019. Costa Rica continues to nurture its own software-development industry to take on even more outsourced software and expand growth with US-based companies.


Costa Rica houses a stable democracy and the country is sometimes called the “Switzerland” of Central America. Funds normally earmarked for military expenditures, are spent on excellent university systems instead.

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