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Never stress about software development again. Gain experienced domestic software leadership + high quality development from the deepest bench of fully-managed software engineering talent in the world.

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Custom Software Development Outsourcing

The Accelerance model for custom software development gives you the advantage of domestic, dedicated software leadership coupled with the largest bench strength of qualified talent for software development in the world.

Better Software Development

Your ultimate goal is a great product, on time and on budget. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in all three areas. Your product will be developed by the deepest bench of proven engineering talent in the world.

30-40% Cost Savings

The Accelerance global development model means hourly rates for custom software development services are lower than domestic firms. Those savings give our clients a cost advantage of 30-40% over hiring internally or outsourcing locally.

Experienced Domestic Delivery

Accelerance drives your software from concept to delivery. You’ll work with a dedicated, domestic software leadership team with proven experience in software development, project management and global teams.

Your Advisory Team is Customized to Your Needs

Every Accelerance client is unique. So, Accelerance designs a software leadership team to deliver the best outcome for your situation. Your domestic team will address your needs for technology, product and project leadership, design and user experience. You can count on Accelerance to be your one-stop-shop for all the talent you need.

  • Product Manager:
    Oversees the evolution of your product and product roadmap

  • Relationship Manager:
    Maintains communications and ensures your goals are met

  • Account Manager:
    Responsible for the success of your engagement with Accelerance

No Surprises

With Accelerance you’ll always know where your project stands. Your Accelerance software leadership team will be on-site at project kickoff, at major intervals, and as requested in between. You’ll receive detailed status updates every week, and more often when requested. Our goal is to create an extension of your organization, not a vendor at a distance.

Phases of Software Development

The starting point of any software project.

Accelerance gains deep understanding about your business and your software needs with a unique 2-day kickoff workshop. During this time spent together, we discuss and identify:

  • Team and Company Background

  • Existing Products & Services

  • Goals & Expectations

  • Your Business & Software Vision

  • Software Priorities

  • Project Logistics

  • Your development team

  • Development processes

  • Technologies & platforms

Kickoff is Typically Done in 2 Business Days

The Kickoff starts on a mutually agreed upon date as quickly as you’re ready to begin and will be complete within 2 business days.

Gaining a deeper understanding.

The Accelerance Discovery Process is a quick and intense effort to define your initial software plan. The team includes the stakeholders from your organization who can communicate the business problem to be solved, the set of key ideas (features) to be included along with your Accelerance software leadership team includes (as needed): a technical lead, a project manager, designers, developers and architects. Accelerance will perform analysis, estimation, architectural design, and create a Discovery Report with all our findings.

User Experience that applies the power of your software.

3: Product Design
You've got one shot to give your customers or users a compelling software product that truly offers real value. If your solution misses the mark, it is difficult and expensive to go back to the drawing board and try again. Many hear “Product Design” and they think about graphics and fonts and colors, or Apple’s ubiquitous white, sleek consumer gadgets. Those are examples of design elements, but they are not the design of the entire product.

Truly great Product Design comes from doing the research and analysis necessary to understand who are the people that will use your software; how, when and why will they use it; what are the actual problems these people are experiencing, which are so painful or costly that they will willingly change their behavior to adopt your solution? At what point in time, in their work day, in their life, are the features of your product going to be the most relevant?

During Accelerance Product Design, we'll gain thorough understanding of your users. We'll explore the how, when, where and why of the problems you need to solve. Then, we'll craft a User Experience that applies the power of your software to relieve or even eliminate those problems.

Putting it all together.

Your software is developed by the most qualified engineers in the world. Accelerance domestic software leaders will manage all the engineering and development details - including:

  • Architecture, platforms, tools, languages

  • Resource needs, team, time, cost

  • Content Needs

  • Project planning, agile/scrum

  • Implementation (iterative)

  • Review/Feedback (iterative)

  • Deployment/Release Planning

How can we help you succeed?

We make outsourcing successful with innovative partner selection services and tailor-made consulting solutions to ensure your desired outcomes.

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