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Finding a development team with the right expertise and experience is a great start, but our role doesn’t end when we’ve matched you with the ideal partner.

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Guidance & risk management from the pros.

Projects are at a high risk of failure if the outsourcing relationship breaks down, as a result of poor communication, lack of cultural compatibility, misaligned expectations, unrealistic milestones or a hasty start. Here’s how we can help you deal with challenges that can make or break your software’s success.

A proven process.

Accelerance has developed a specialized management approach to the software development lifecycle that draws on almost 20 years of experience in outsourcing, partnering clients with software development teams across the globe.

We provide your company with a set of strategies for each stage of this lifecycle to maximise your return on investment and minimize potential risks, such as poorly aligned goals or business culture, undefined metrics and communication breakdowns that lead to missed deadlines or product failure.

Our consultants liaise with your senior management to define objectives, establish costs and facilitate handover to your offshore or nearshore partner. For a more hands-on engagement, we can provide a personal coach to guide you through the process, from helping to form the relationship with your remote team to establishing agile practices and a framework for your technology processes.

Critical oversight for your project.

Our onshore network of management consultants are ready to help you run a single project or an entire portfolio of work. We can oversee your company’s critical software development program, bring the right expertise or capacity in-house and provide personalized management support at whatever level required. Additionally, Accelerance can provide fractional or full-time resources on a project-by-project basis to manage the process and coordinate with your remote team – ensuring the work stays on track, on time and on budget.

Everything we do has your outcomes in mind.

A clear technology strategy extends beyond the completion date, whether you’re building a new product, creating a different version, or re-platforming. We can help you determine if your current outsourcing team has the full tech stack and expertise required to see the project through, help you identify the right additional expertise or align you with a new outsourcing partner.

Everything we do has your outcomes in mind, so you can be confident the right structures are in place to enable future growth and expansion. We’ll work with you to develop a structured blueprint and identify any skill or knowledge gaps that could cause an expensive and time-consuming derailment.

Testing quality early and often.

Too many development projects founder because testing isn’t done until after the build has been completed. Failure to pass means work will need to be repeated if the product doesn’t meet its benchmarks, or mistakes and/or defects are found.

We can help your organization shift QA left in the project timeline so testing protocols are defined from the outset, giving engineers a clear set of instructions detailing not only what the final product needs to do, but how it is expected to behave and the key tests it will need to pass.

In some cases, a second offshore partner will be brought in, either as a QA specialist or to manage the process as an objective third party.

Remote work is now an everyday reality.

Office shutdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic have evolved into a new way of doing business, in a world where companies need to be innovative and agile to thrive.

The advantages of a flexible workplace for both managers and staff suggest it’s a change that’s here to stay – and outsourcing extends the definition of remote work even further. Faced with high costs and tech-talent shortages on the domestic market, companies can double the value of their spend by partnering with a software development team offshore.

However, handling teams distributed across multiple locations requires expert project management and organizational coordination, whether staff are working from home or spread over different cities or continents. A positive approach to integrating local and offshore teams, communicating across different time zones, and aligning business culture and practices is critical.

Accelerance consultants and personal coaches have extensive, hands-on experience collaborating with software development providers in Latin America, Europe and Asia. We’ll help you get it right, easing the transition and working alongside senior staff to lay the foundations for a strong and effective partnership.

Identity theft, cyber attacks can cripple your business.

Now more than ever, security is top of mind. Identity theft isn’t the only concern –you could be the target for a cyberattack that cripples your business and its ability to serve your customers, damaging your reputation and credibility. Your company, your products and your customer data must be protected.

Accelerance works with clients to assess code and production environments for security risks. We evaluate multiple points of failure and help you understand what current and viable risks impact your business. Mitigating risks can involve getting the right security processes in place, tightening DevOps practices, pen testing, doing a PCI, PII or HIPAA compliance assessment, or even load testing.

Vital to the strength of your software security is ensuring the right guardrails and practices are in place for your team to follow, documentation is properly filled out, and unnecessary risks are known and guarded against.

How can we help you succeed?

We make outsourcing successful with innovative partner selection services and tailor-made consulting solutions to ensure your desired outcomes.

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