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Software solutions that meet the mark are a blend of industry best practices and quality engineering.

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Specialized outsourcing strategies lead to better ROI.

Software solutions that meet the mark are a blend of industry best practices and quality engineering. Better outsourcing strategies mean a better return on your investment – and we can be right there with you every step of the way.

A proven process, focused on successful outcomes.

Accelerance has developed a specialized management approach to the software development life cycle that applies best practices in our delivery of professional services and outsourcing partnerships. We can also evaluate processes relating to your company’s software development project and engagement of a remote team, identifying where refinement may be needed. Our diverse expertise allows us to think outside the box and tailor best practices to meet your needs without over engineering.

Avoid wasteful spending, save time.

Without clear direction, an off-site development team can end up spending time (and money) on work that is non-essential or low priority – getting to the wrong place faster – and that’s not good for business. Underlying problems are often exposed and exacerbated as a company scales and adds capacity.

Accelerance can advise on developing strong communication processes to clearly define each step of the process, or assign a dedicated product manager to oversee the project on your behalf, bridging the gap between your offshore partner and your in-house team.

Engineering team management and oversight.

If your company lacks the required technical skills or expertise in-house, Accelerance will step in to provide software engineering oversight to ensure ongoing accountability and keep the project on track.

Often, we come in to help when a spike in demand or workload means our clients are unable to spend the time necessary to properly manage their software development. Scaling a team involves identifying the right processes, guidelines, guardrails, communication cadence and leadership through this time of growth. A team of four will have different needs than a team of eight or 14.

Our experienced consultants will help you scale in an efficient, focused manner that has your key timelines in mind. Support is available on a full, part-time or fractional basis – we’ll provide an initial recommendation, determined by the outcome you’re aiming for.

Filling the gaps with experience & expertise.

It can take time to recruit the right talent for key senior roles. We have CTO (Chief Technology Officer) expertise to fill any gaps, whether it’s a short-term engagement to see you through a growth stage, provide senior leadership or address a technical challenge. Available on a fractional or full-time basis.

How can we help you succeed?

We make outsourcing successful with innovative partner selection services and tailor-made consulting solutions to ensure your desired outcomes.

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