Insights | Introducing Rapid Referral®: The World's Fastest Way to Risk-free Software Outsourcing Partners

Introducing Rapid Referral®: The World's Fastest Way to Risk-free Software Outsourcing Partners

By Accelerance Research Team | May 13, 2021

How do you find a software development outsourcing partner that you can be certain will perform, without wasting months hunting for hit-or-miss options? Try Accelerance's proprietary Rapid Referral® partner matching program.

The outsourcing process can be complex, time-consuming, and risky. Rapid Referral® takes the legwork and guesswork out of finding the right outsourcing partner for your software development needs. We deliver you a perfect-fit set of partner recommendations within 10 days, instead of the 10 weeks you'd spend searching for a random partner on your own, with no guarantee of success. Then it's your choice!

Our Certified Global Partner Network

Rapid Referral® offers the fastest, most reliable way to connect you with highly qualified partners from our largest network of hundreds of certified software development firms. You can have confidence knowing that we've personally pre-vetted more than 8,000 firms worldwide to bring you the top performers.

Global Partner Network


How Rapid Referral® Works

How Rapid Referral Works

Committed to Your Success

We can help onboard your partner for smooth ramp-up and integration. Then we’ll check in regularly to ensure that your partner is delivering as promised.


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