Perfect-Fit Partner Selection

Get your world-best software outsourcing match at a fraction of the time and effort you'd spend on your own.

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Jump-start your software development outsourcing project with our Rapid Referral™ matching process.

It's the fastest, most reliable way to identify a highly-qualified, trustworthy global outsourcing partner. Our proprietary approach delivers:

Fast, effective results

You receive ideal-fit outsourcing partner recommendations within days, compared with weeks or months of going it alone.

Precision partner choices

We create a shortlist of carefully vetted outsourcing partners matched to your exact business and technical criteria.

The network advantage

Your recommended partners are selected from our unparalleled network of the top 1% of proven global software firms.

Cut your search for a quality software development company from 10 months to 10 days -- beating do-it-yourself efforts that soak up time with hit-or-miss results.

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How We Do It: Our Proprietary Approach

Some companies use impersonal algorithms or educated guesses to match you with outsourcing resources. But Rapid Referall™ combines the best of both high-tech and high-touch approaches.

Quantitative Assesment

To produce a shortlist of your best options based on your criteria.

Qualitative Insights

To identify the right fit based on personalized knowledge of your business.

How can we help you succeed?

We make outsourcing successful with innovative partner selection services and tailor-made consulting solutions to ensure your desired outcomes.

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