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Get your perfect-fit software outsourcing partner choices within 10 days from our proprietary matching process

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Rapid Referral®: The World's Fastest Way to Risk-free Software Outsourcing Partners

It's the quickest, most reliable connection to highly qualified, trustworthy outsourcing partner recommendations. Our unique approach delivers:

The fastest results

You receive outsourcing partner recommendations within days, versus weeks or months on your own.

Precision choices

We create a shortlist of carefully-vetted outsourcing partners matched to your exact requirements.

Our network advantage

Your recommendations are chosen from our largest certified network of the top 1% of global software firms.

Cut your search for a quality software development outsourcing partner from 10 months to 10 days. Avoid the risk of hunting for a partner through do-it-yourself efforts that are a time sink with hit-or-miss results.

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How We Do It: Our Proprietary Approach

Some companies use impersonal algorithms or educated guesses to match you with outsourcing resources. Through Rapid Referral®, Accelerance offers the best of both high-tech and high-touch approaches.

Quantitative Assessment

We evaluate our database of hundreds of potential partners to find those best aligned with your specific criteria.

Qualitative Insights

We gain personalized knowledge of your business to identify the right fit for your organization, team and culture.

While our process is structured, we produce highly customized results.

That’s because we work hard to understand your needs for an outsourcing partner from the outset. Then we draw on our deep insight into our certified partners to identify your matches -  using the most robust assessment of  500+ criteria across these important areas:

Highest English proficiency

Competitive rates by region

Time zone & location options

Specialized software expertise

Key technical certifications

Relevant industry experience

Optimal team size

Cultural fit

Company track record

The Rapid Referral® Process 

Our process is a proven and continuously upgraded approach that’s made successful outsourcing matches for more than 20 years. And from partner selection through onboarding, you'll have expert guidance. A dedicated Accelerance advisor is there for you every step of the way to ensure the success of your outsourcing engagement.

Requirements Consultation 

We take the time to understand your exact technical and business requirements for your software product. From there, we analyze your needs for an ideal outsourcing partner match within days.

Thorough Partner Assessment

We identify your best-bet matches through our unique evaluation process that ranks software development partners across 500+ criteria (business, technical, cost, culture, and more).

Perfect-Fit Recommendations

You’ll receive up to three partner recommendations based on an assessment of your scorecard matches versus your software development and business requirements.

Partner Introductions

We'll present you with several partner options, and you’ll get to know them through several rounds of facilitated virtual meetings. Then we’ll help you evaluate them for the best fit and best deal.

Partner Selection

It’s your choice from among your potential partners. After you make your well-informed decision, we’ll work with your chosen partner to create a formal proposal to your specifications.

Contract: Seal the Deal

Your relationship is directly with the Accelerance partner. A service agreement with mutually acceptable terms will be put in place to ensure alignment between you and your partner.

Committed to Your Success

We can help onboard your partner for smooth ramp-up and integration. Then, we’ll check in regularly to ensure your partner is delivering as promised.

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Partners that Deliver

Through our personalized selection process, we minimize risks and  maximize return on your investment – halving the costs compared to  what you’d pay for an equivalent level of engineering skills and  expertise on the domestic market. 

A shortlist of ideal potential partners selected from the Accelerance Global Network for the best matches with your specific criteria.

Customized web-page profiles of each  certified partner, highlighting relevant data  and interviews with company leaders.

A facilitated interview process for you to personally meet and assess the partner(s) of your choice.

Skilled guidance from our trusted advisors regarding contracts and service level agreements (SLAs). 

Alignment workshops to guide the transition and integrate your in-house and remote teams.

Access to expertise from consultants and dedicated coaches for advice and support as needed.

Powered by Our Global Partner Network

We’ve vetted a world of quality software development firms, so you don’t  have to. Our well-informed recommendations are drawn from hundreds of firms and thousands of developers that have met our stringent standards. 

  • 8,000+ Software Development Firms Evaluated
  • 3% Qualified Partners
  • 1% Certified Partners 
  • 40+ Countries
  • 25,000+ Developers

The Problem We Solve

In a global market awash with great – and not-so-great – software development firms, finding the right one may seem impossible. There are thousands of confusing options, risky unknowns and tepid qualifications to sort through, as well as hundreds of hours of evaluation. Indeed, some software companies operate with no hiring or training standards, no oversight or support, no guaranteed retention or continuity, no insurance and no easy way to scale or organize.

Don’t gamble with your software development. Trust Rapid Referral® to quickly cut through the clutter to guarantee a top-quality development firm.

How can we help you succeed?

We make outsourcing successful with innovative partner selection services and tailor-made consulting solutions to ensure your desired outcomes.

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