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Rapid referral program

Do-it-yourself works for craft projects, not business futures.

High-risk, high-cost business deliverables deserve better than Aunt Sue’s pinterest account.

Avoid the risk of hunting for a partner through do-it-yourself efforts that are a time sink with hit-or-miss results. We take care of everything — we’ve created the network, assigned alignment markers, and vetted and validated — so all you need to do is focus on your business.

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Share Your Requirements

Start by identifying with our help your exact technical and business requirements for your software product.

Get Your Shortlist

Access a custom-built shortlist of perfect-fit partners selected for you using our 500-point checklist and proprietary matching methodology.

Interview Your Options

Get to know your potential partners through several rounds of facilitated virtual meetings. Then we’ll help you evaluate them for the best fit and best deal.

Select Your Partner

Make your well-informed decision and then we’ll work with your chosen partner to create a formal proposal to your specifications.

Seal The Deal

Once you’ve selected your partner, you’ll work directly with them. Of course, we’ll help ensure alignment in the immediate and for the long-term.

How we match

Literally 500 reasons your partner is your perfect match.

Before entering our global network, each software outsourcing company must pass a stringent 500-point checklist. We also conduct on-site assessments to verify claims. The result? The world’s largest, most advanced software outsourcing network.

  • English proficiency
  • Industry experience
  • Competitive rates
  • Team size
  • Time zone and regions
  • Cultural fit
  • Software expertise
  • Track record
  • Technical certifications
  • Client feedback

The World's Certified Global Partner Network

Partner Matching

Get your risk-free shortlist of ideal software outsourcing partners.

You’ve discovered the world's fastest way to guaranteed software outsourcing outcomes.

Don’t spend months vetting and interviewing potential outsource partners — and take on the risk and loss that comes with it. Instead, find your perfect-fit partner in our global, certified network.

Using our proprietary methodology, we’ll deliver you a shortlist of perfect partners and support you in selecting and aligning with your partner.

Connect with our match experts

Ideal Partner List

Get a customized shortlist of ideal development partners, so you can select and get going.

Customized Web Page Profiles

View our certified partner profiles to quickly check out relevant data and interviews with company leaders.

Facilitated Interview Process

Meet and greet with your shortlisted candidates to align personalities, styles, and capabilities.

Contract and SLA Coaching

Access skilled guidance from our trusted advisors when lining up contracts, documentation, and service level agreements.

Alignment Workshops

Find out how to work together in facilitated transition and integration workshops for your in-house and remote teams.

Continued Relationship Management

Stay in close contact with our dedicated coaches for advice and support to manage the relationship every day moving forward.

Partner Onboarding

Onboard your partner with facilitated alignment workshops.

Your partner in partnering with outsourcing companies.

Whether you’re onboarding an outsourced team member or a full scrum team, welcoming external teams into your organization comes with its own set of risks.

We’ll help you onboard outsourcing rapidly, helping align your employees — in-house and outsourced — to minimize disruption and maximize delivery.

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