Insights | How to Minimize Risk in Software Outsourcing with an Experienced Accelerance Coach

How to Minimize Risk in Software Outsourcing with an Experienced Accelerance Coach

By Andy Hilliard | February 5, 2019

Outsourcing software development to nearshore or offshore teams is a strategy being adopted by more and more companies. For many, it’s the only viable solution in the face of rising tech labor costs, hard-to-find skills, a shortage of domestic tech workers and increasing demand for software in all industry verticals across all business processes.

Still, tech and business leaders sometimes struggle to achieve an acceptable return on investment for software outsourcing due to:


  • A lack of cultural fit with the outsourcing partner.
  • A lack of alignment with the in house and partner team members around business goals.
  • Poor communication with or from the outsourcing partner.
  • A lack of “ownership” by the outsourcing partner.
  • Treating the outsourced partner like a vendor.
  • An inappropriate skills mix in the outsource partner team.

When there are problems with outsourcing software development, clients want to blame the development partner (vendor) for all the problems with software outsourcing.

However, low performing software engagements often are not the fault of your development partner. A large part of software outsourcing success rests with the client. The issues stem from internal factors that introduce risk to an outsourcing relationship and ultimately prevent success.

We’ve identified 15 potential risks in software outsourcing that every tech leader should consider before outsourcing.

Accelerance Coach Addresses Your Risks

Recognizing that companies need a better approach to plan for, identify, engage, and maintain relationship with the right software outsourcing partner - we created Accelerance Coach services.

Accelerance Coach is the most effective way to achieve the outsourcing benefits you want. You’ll learn from experienced outsourcing professionals how to:

  • Prepare your organization before you engage a software development outsourcing partner.
  • Successfully on-board new outsourcing partners and kick-off engagements effectively.
  • Outsource your software development for maximum results with your outsourcing partner - and fully realize your business objectives.

Coaching Through the Software Outsourcing Lifecycle Stages

Accelerance software outsourcing consultants coaches have decades of experience launching and managing software outsourcing relationships. We have successfully completed hundreds of software development projects using outsourcing partners, domestically and around the globe. From this unmatched experience, we’ve identified a unique management approach to software outsourcing which complements the software development lifecycle.

The Accelerance approach for successful software outsourcing has four (4) phases with seven (7) distinct stages.

Accelerance outsourcing coaches provide your company with a unique set of strategies, organized by lifecycle stage. Our unique outsourcing lifecycle and strategies for every phase protect your outsourcing ROI and minimize risks.

PHASE 1 - Better Planning for software outsourcing

Most companies are unaware of the proper planning that should take place before outsourcing software development. Without planning, tech leaders jump straight to Phase 2 - Partner Selection - and overlook risks that could derail the success of your software outsourcing.

Accelerance consultants guide your company in evaluating 15 key internal risks for software development outsourcing, across three key leadership areas:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Technology

Once you understand the unique outsourcing risks facing your organization, Accelerance creates an actionable plan to help you overcome those risks. Our consultants work with your internal team to define objectives, establish project costs and organize the work to be handed off to your offshore or nearshore software development partner.

PHASE 2 - Unmatched Excellence in Partner Selection

In Phase 2 of the software outsourcing lifecycle, your company experiences the powerful difference Accelerance brings to software outsourcing consulting. No one knows more about software outsourcing partner selection than Accelerance.

We’ve reviewed over 8000 software development vendors around the world. Most of them (97%!) don’t meet our standards (and shouldn’t meet yours.) Only 3% qualify to become Accelerance Certified. Certification is a 3-month due diligence process where your future partner is assessed across more than 500 criteria. The final step in our certification is an on site visit. Accelerance is the only software outsourcing advisory firm that travels to personally certify software development providers and validate findings.

When you work with an Accelerance Certified Partner, you work with a proven team you can trust to deliver.

PHASE 3 - Launch Your Engagement with Confidence

Once you’ve selected the ideal software outsourcing company as your partner, Accelerance guides both companies in establishing how you’ll work together. Software Development projects have a historically bad reputation for missing deadlines and exceeding budgets. To avoid being another statistic of failure, Accelerance works with both companies to establish expectations, roles, development approach, communication and other best practices.

Our approach to achieving alignment is unique in the industry. Because we bring you and your software development outsourcing partner together at the beginning of the engagement, you will will gain increased productivity, control of costs, and well-managed expectations throughout the engagement.

PHASE 4 - Ongoing Management that Delivers Results

It might surprise you to learn that not all software outsourcing relationships that BEGIN well - stay on track and continue well. In meeting with customers, and doing “post mortems” of failed relationships, we found that Accelerance Coach provides invaluable ongoing accountability and healthy work rhythms between your company and the software development outsourcer. We ensure that your investment in software development continues to be optimized, and that risks are not introduced later in the outsourcing relationship.

Get The Most from Software Outsourcing

Don’t let unnecessary risks minimize the value you deserve and need to get out of your investment is software development outsourcing. Make sure that business objectives for your software development project are fully realized. With Accelerance Coach services we help you plan for your software outsourcing engagement. We help match you with the best-fit partner for your needs and your company. We can walk with you through the entire engagement - from kickoff to closure.

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